Should the lions draft a QB round 1?

I’m a big Stafford fan but my concern is we’ve missed his window and that our current roster is so far away that Stafford is better off elsewhere. After all he’s had two major back injuries two seasons in a row.

If the Lions lose out we could be drafting top 3 and we could have a real honest chance at Tua.

The state of the franchise makes me think rebuild might be a better option. So why waste the few years Stafford has left.

I guess I wonder what the odds are that we could look to draft a QB?

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I only see this as a possibility if we fire Quintricia. Otherwise they will be looking for an immediate contributor. Tua could miss all of 2020 with his hip injury.


I think it’s almost zero. If they are being even remotely honest about Matt’s back, he’ll be 100% next season. I know that’s a big IF.
I remember Kelly (his wife) talking about how badly Matt wants to win a SB for this city. I wouldn’t trade him - no MF’n way. Buy him some teammates and let him shred the NFL, if the officials allow it.


The only QB this year I would draft in round 1 is Burrows, everyone else would be a reach wherever the Lions end up drafting.


And speaking of major injuries, am I the only one dissuaded by tua’s injuries?


I’m in this boat also.

No to Tua!!!

Burrows would be the only QB I would take in rd 1!


Tua has already been undergoing hip surgery , I read that like 2-3 weeks ago.


I’m curious why you feel that way? Or why others would draft Burrows over Tua?

Here’s how I see it.

Burrows was a 3 star recruit out of high school. He hadn’t done anything before this year. Most felt prior to this year that he would go undrafted at best. He transfers into a spread offense and he takes off. He struggled at Ohio in a pro style offense so there will be a huge learning curve adjusting to the NFL. Not to mention the question if he can actually run an NFL style offense.

Tua was a 5 star recruit. He has multiple years of high level play. He won the national title as a Freshman in a prostyle offense. He’s had years of high level play in an NFL style offense. Everyone felt prior to this year that Tua was the best NFL prospect to come out in a very long time. Which means he should transition well to the NFL.

Don’t get me wrong Burrows looks great and his stats are phenomenal. Burrows kinda reminds me of Montana with his timing and ball placement. But … can he do that at NFL speed and from an NFL style offense?

If I were drafting then I’d take Tua personally.

I see Burrows as the media darling right now. I view him more like a rookie unknown QB that lands in offense that can showcase his strengths. But what happens when defenses get an offseason to plan for him?

Bottom line is Tua is the far safer pick. He’s almost a guarantee to be a quality NFL QB.


I see the logic. Stafford isn’t 25. But my golden rule is IF you have a franchise QB, build around him. When you no longer have a franchise QB, or if your former franchise QB is done, your record will allow you to be in position to draft a QB high in the first round. If we have a 2020 with a Blough leading the team most of the season, we’ll be in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. There will also likely be a new staff in place which will make a QB turnover all the more palatable. But we still haven’t given our QB an average defense and average rushing attack at the same time. We have squandered that not so difficult lift his entire career. Are we another offseason under this staff from that? I’m 50/50. I think if we had a Kerryon level back all season, and a healthy Dline and QB all season, that we’d have a very different record. Our depth quality is terrible and with too many guys out or not at 100% killed us. If all these guys play and we still suck, then I’m good with blowing it up and looking for the next QB as we go.


All this makes sense, But, cannot get beyond the hip Injury.

One scenario is say we pick #3, knowing that #4 Mia loves Tua. Burrows and Young go #1 & #2. Then I could go Tua and sit him next year with a clipboard and a healing hip. Now if there is football in 2021, he starts and trade a cheaper Stafford.

Guess I could live with this but still vote for Brown, Simmons or Thomas.

So, we’re ready to blow it up and rebuild, again?
Whatever, I guess. We have to rebuild the defense anyway. 2/3 of the defense should not be here next year.
If we’re going full rebuild, just keep Blough and Driskel. Build a team worthy of a QB, then get one.

Getting a new QB to replace a 11 year veteran who has won ZERO meaningful games isn’t necessarily blowing it up.

Did GB blow it up to get Rodgers? Did KC blow it up to get Mahomes? Did Philly blow it up to get Foles, Wentz? Did Minny blow it up to get Case Keenum who won multiple playoff games?

You don’t have to blow it up to get a viable QB capable of winning big games. We have seen numerous mediocre QBs win big games, and we have exactly zero here in 25 plus years.

Green Bay had an established team that won a Super Bowl with Farve, and an experienced HC.
The Lions are well established losers. Let Stafford go, or trade for Brady and we’ll end the Stafford controversy once and for all.
New England will win another Super Bowl, and Brady will know what it’s like to suck!

More on my thought process.

Staffords back - How many more years can he really play? Is it 2, 4 or 10? If we look at Romo who had similar back issues. Once they arose his years were numbered. If Stafford takes a similar pass than he has to 2-3 years left.

I think this team is more than 2-3 years away from being a contender. The holes are huge and we’re likely to lose Robinson, GG, Melvin (free agency) and Slay (trade) this off season. I think we have holes at every level of our defense.

Why not grab a young stud QB and trade Stafford to help build the team?

The idea that Stafford is close to the end of his career is nonsense. The idea that the roster is “not close” is also nonsense. There is a fine line in the NFL between winning and losing. The Offense is there with the addition of some RB help. The defense is a pass rusher and a LB away from competing seriously. One decent draft and offseason and the Lions are as big a threat to win a SB as any team in the NFL.

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No way Brady is coming to Detroit. :rofl:

Even Gronk said hell to the no on that.

Lol. It’s an opinion and it’s not a farfetched idea that someone with 2 straight years of “broken bones in his back”, thinks about shutting er down sooner than later.

We all know you want him to play forever and keep winning…………….nothing, but at some point he won’t be here and we will be here for you JRLIONS.

As far as the rest of your post, no offense, but you’re delusional. If we hit on every draft pick and free agent, we are in no way even money to win the super bowl. That is insane talk. We don’t have enough draft picks, we don’t have enough cap space and there isn’t enough good free agents out there in order to fix this in 1 offseason. Not to mention, if we still have the same head coach, we could have the talent of the 1985 Bears on defense and we would still get run the F over with this guy calling the shots.