Should the lions draft a QB round 1?

Getting healthy and adding a RB, Pass Rusher and LB is hardly something you can’t do in a draft and offseason. Fans that never played don’t realize how the addition of one player can totally change how a unit plays. The Lions should get an impact DLineman at the top of the first round. That leaves adding a LB and RB in the rest of the draft and offseason, not a huge stretch.

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Since it’s so easy, you think the lions would have won a playoff game over the last 28 years.

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One really good DL could turn a handful of our losses into Ws. Completely agree. Add 9 into that mix…playoff team.

As for fans that played, with me it was more like “played”. LOL. Turns out having talent is important, and I dindn’t have it.

We can do all of those things and still wouldn’t be anything more than mediocre. We aren’t that close. We are going to be one of the worst 8 teams in the NFL for the 2nd straight year. Every one of the other 31 teams are also going to try and get better this offseason, not just us.

What NFL team did you play for. Give me an example of an NFL team that added 1 player and went from 3 wins to the Super Bowl.

No issue with that, but a rookie DLineman will come with similar excuses as a rookie TE when he makes little impact.

Take a look at the free agents. Not a lot of impact players. As for the draft, Quinn has drafted 34 guys thus far and has landed exactly 1 impact player. What makes you think he is all of a sudden going to hit on all picks and make sensible free agents and trades when he has been awful at all of those things over the last 4 years?

Every thing you have listed has been a need every offseason since Quinn has been the general manager. :sweat_smile:


I’m sure he’ll fix it all this offseason though. Right? Right?


Toph! It’s about time you made it here. I mean, welcome!

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Trevor Lawrence is the only qb that I would want to replace stafford. I know he isn’t coming out this year, if we suck again next year then tank for Lawrence and reboot the whole roster i guess. But I don’t know shit.

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As mentioned earlier, only if it were Burrow. I think that guy is gonna be a stud QB. My favorite coming out of the draft since Luck.

Even then. I am only taking him if he falls to us, and Stafford’s back is a concern. I personally prefer to take a position of need, and keep rolling with Stafford. I do not think this is a new back injury. I am believing what I heard preseason that he wasn’t healed from last season

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If a QB grades out as a 98 and the next best player is a 90, for example, you should draft him given Stafford’s age and injury status. If so, I’d want to see him sit and be groomed behind Stafford, a la Rodgers. Kids these days want the brass ring like yesterday, so you’d have to be sure he’s a very mature kid too.

I would say our needs are far more than that.

On Defense alone
Slay will likely be traded and Melvin is a FA. We could be needing two starting caliber CB’s.
DT Robinson is a FA and will likely not return. Daniels is also a FA and Snacks is coming off an injury riddled season. We will need two DT’s.
S - Wilson is also a FA.

Personally I think the team is seriously lacking talent and will only get worse come free agency.


Think that assessment is spot on. That’s not even taking into consideration the desperate need for Defensive end and linebackers.

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rebuild means that you actually had something built and need to get back to that level. What the hell did the Lions ever have built?

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Your assessment is spot on.

Outside of Tavai and Kennard there isn’t an NFL starting caliber linebacker on the roster.

Both outside corners and I haven’t seen anything from Harris that flashes. Walker flashed right away.

Only above average starters under contract next season are Walker and Hand.

Giorgio posted
“rebuild means that you actually had something built and need to get back to that level. What the hell did the Lions ever have built?”

Well, they won a playoff game in 91.

I wouldn’t take one because we have no shot at Burrow, Tua may not play next season, and Herbert reminds me of Blaine Gabbert.

Green Bay had an established team that won a Super Bowl with Farve, and an experienced HC.
The Lions are well established losers. Let Stafford go, or trade for Brady and we’ll end the Stafford controversy once and for all.
New England will win another Super Bowl, and Brady will know what it’s like to suck!

I’m trying to figure out how New England would win another Super Bowl if Brady were on Detroit?

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I thought the “trade” would make my meaning clear. Sorry.
Trade Stafford for Brady…
It’s okay. I understand.

You mean the guy who is 10 games under .500 for his career, never won a division title or playoff game?
I could see that happening.

Lions fans really need to stop putting Matthew Stafford on a par with Tom Brady. It’s silly.

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