Sign of the apocalypse #937- LC $5 hot-n-ready pizzas now cost $5.55

I had no idea that they have been charging $5 for this pizza-adjacent thing since before the War on Terror. Little Caesar’s started selling them in 2001, and then we were attacked by terrorists. Coincidence? I think not.


I hear even the Got Dan Lock Ness Monstah is charging 5.55 now instead of tree fiddy.

Let’s all say it together…

TRANSITORY, which I believe is Finnish for The unfathomable fuckflood of fake money we’ve been papering over the general governmental financial malfeasance since oh about 1973 has finally broken contain from balance sheets and long term assets and is creating a price wage spiral we can’t stop

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It’s been a long time since Nessie let you off for a mere tree fiddy, bro. She’s all about crypto and subprime loan bundles now. She’ll flay me alive if she ever finds out that the “investor’s package” I offered her is just a bunch of high interest loans on used Nissans.

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As a business aficionado, the Hot-n-Ready pizza is one of my favorite examples of innovation in a space where one would assume there was no innovation to be had.

Turning pizza into a fast food option? Frickin’ genius.


I heard they had taco salad that night

They are really raising the price on the hot n nasties? I only buy that bullshit when my stepson has friends over. I would rather eat a fried bologna sandwhich then that bullshit.

Pretty sure they have been 5.55 at some locations for awhile

Vehemently disagree!

For 5 bucks? Hard to find something tastier that will fill up 2 (non obese) adults.

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Dude…it’s either your LC sucks or you just don’t like pizza

In my neck of the woods, Hot and Readys have been $5.55 for about 5 years. Still worth it. I mean Lil’ Sleazers is what it is, but I would rather eat a burnt Hot and Ready than the best thing the black hole of despair that is Domino’s could ever offer.

Domino’s tastes like a piece of cardboard covered in ejaculate of a Man/Tomato hybrid that just got done kicking your favorite pet.


This news has shaken me to the core. End Days are here.

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Hot-N-Schweddy is what I call em…

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Do they still have that cream cheese and chive dipping sauce for the Crazy Bread in Michigan? Does anybody know what I’m talking about? I haven’t sunk to Little Squeezers in years, but about five years ago I went into a Little Ceasers down here in Florida and asked for that sauce. I always liked it as a kid . The clerk looked at me like I was nuts and had no earthly idea what I was talking about.

The go to that they don’t make anymore was the Italian cheese bread with their jalapeño cheese dip. If you guys haven’t tried that dip it’s a must.

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I had Buddy’s for the first time in 20 years.

Way better than I remember and I’m I’m thin crust guy at heart St Louis style if I can find it…


inflation bro.

lemme tell you Hot N ready’s can be nasty ASF and taste like Elmer’s glue and pizza sauce, they are The Mc Donald’s of pizza !

Hot an Ready pizzas do fill a few important niches. Need to feed your kid’s youth league soccer team, and the other parents aren’t chipping in? $20 covers it. Are you so drunk or stoned that you don’t think you can handle ordering a pizza? Stagger into a Little Caesars and drop an Honest Abe on the counter. You don’t even have to speak in full sentences to complete the transaction. And if you barf the pizza up an hour later, who cares? It’s not like it cost you much.


brings back a memory for me…

was in Deatborn for the bantam AA hockey state tourney… and we had a later game time. I think it was delayed a bit… because my wife, another parent, and I realized it was gonna be pretty darn late once we got out of the rink… and the 13/14 yo kids had to be back and playing the state semis at about 8am.

Terrible planning… but nobody had noticed it at that point.

We came up with a plan without asking any other parents due to lack of time… and ordered about $120 bucks of pizza from Buddy’s for the kids to eat back at the hotel.

Put out the notice… and parents were like… “oh sheet… good idea… didn’t realize it would be so late.”

It was like 10pm when they got back from rink… and actually had to tell 1 player’s grandparents to back away from the pizza until the kids ate.
Not kidding.

Not even sure if the 3 of us who organized the whole thing ate a piece of pizza bc the kids devoured it… but just couldn’t believe I had to chase others away from it before the kids even arrived.

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They used to serve LC every day in my high school cafeteria.

I will never eat it again.