Since I am new here, I have to ask

Does anybody on this board talk to Jon?



No, but we do have Alex Smith’s valet.


Several, but not likely the one you are referencing . LOL

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Not lately.

The thing I like about Jon is he’s always tellinitlikitis

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I always sort of hoped either Dom or Bubbles would re-appear someday.

The last time I talked to Bubbles was when I wiped the floor with him on Xbox Live …

I miss CrowdNoiseWinsChampionships

That guy was so dedicated, I couldnt even make fun of him in good conscious. Thats unheard of for me

Bite your tongue!

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Wonder whats going on in the 'sphere.

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I always liked TCL (the cowardly lion), not sure whatever happened to him.


I came in at the tail end of Dom’s reign. What was so bad about him?

Bubbles was eclectic, and said a lot of things just to rile guys up since it was so easy; call it OG onlike trolling. What’s funny, is that (at least according to my foggy memory, so anyone can correct me) Bubbles actually became a worthwhile poster by the end of his stay. :man_shrugging:

TCL and crowd noise both were great in their own respective ways. I always liked sporty cliche as well and like most really miss Atticus.

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Same here.

I also miss Paul Wezner. He taught me so much as about writing when I volunteered for Justin VanFulpen was … not so helpful.

And then there was Josh, who I helped start writing – but apparently he went crazy on the boards or something? I was away at the time – moving here, if I’m not mistaken.

I also miss Atticus. Loved his before you read yours posts. Those were Monday rites of passage.

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Another one who would always help me with writing, and life in general.

I don’t talk to Jon

But he talks to me…though my Lions Helmet Fathead in the man cave

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Agreed 100%. And we’d be remiss not to also give props to Sandman for his slow lights and Dead Stroke for the amazing work he used to do on the cap ology

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Sandman – another one lost. He’s pretty prolific on reddit though, so at least we still have his vids!

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I love the fact that guy took on youtube and won. Down with the man!

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As someone who is trying to get their own YT channel going, I commend him. It’s only been about a month for me and its already been a headache.