SiriusXM: Kirwin and Miller from Motown

Had interviews with DC, BH, Jared, Alim, St Brown, Hutchinson.
For those who subscribe to Sirius you can find the interview, 1hr 28m long, on the NFL Tour page where all the training camp interviews are found.
Will probably be couple of posts as I try to give an overview and some nuggets that may not have been shared elsewhere, or, at least, a different perspective.

Kirwin: The hype is real
Couple of things that jump out at you, they owned their division. I accept the hype but if they lose against the KC that doesn’t mean you jump off the hype. They are real.

Miller: some great additions on defense especially in the backfield. Great draft
Kirwin; loaded at LBer lot of little things they have done that go unnoticed but not by me.
Look at their waiver claims: Reynolds, Comminsky, starters B Jones R Okware key rotational pieces. They have built this team from every avenue over the last three years.
Miller: I live locally the fans are excited. Season tickets sold out

Dan C. on managing expectations We didn’t win the division, we have a lot to fight for.

Kirwin, you said two things in the press conference that excite me.
Looking to upgrade competition
We made three investments in these guys.
That sounds like, to me(kirwin) to how much time you will give these guys.
Dan C:
Listen Pat you know this, you know it well, something that both Parcells and Peyton believed in and taught me. If you haven’t shown something by your third camp, you give a little bit of time, if we haven’t seen something by your 3rd camp maybe you need to do something else. For the most part we need to see some growth and development, some times it does take time. You start a guy somewhere and it doesn’t work, move him to a second spot doesn’t work, move him to third spot and something clicks it works.
Perfect example is Will Harris…sorry @Mr.Peabody

But we will always look to upgrade too, it makes every room better if you increase the competition level your defense, your offense your ST all improve.

Miller You have a lot of hands on coaching, and it doesn’t wait til the team is the classrooms. Many teams don’t do coaching on the field, you guys do it immediately. Hands on instant coaching. Gilmore today is a great example he did something wrong, AG immediatly pulled him aside and pointed out what he did wrong. I have no doubt it will be reinforced in the classroom.
Dan C Absolutely, we are fortunate to have some great coaches here that know how to coach and develop and the instant feedback is important and we do it as much as we can without slowing down the practice it is so important.
Miller: Let me add to that the addition of John Fox to your staff I know you crossed paths in NY but huge benefit
Dan C: No question, coach Fox and I go way back together and on the other sidelines as well watching him. Huge addition he brings another perspective, he knows talent, knows how to develop. I just thought, not just for me but for AG, particularly for the secondary.

Kirwinm I’ve been to a lot of his practices when he was a head coach, he always had physical practices, he values contact at practice. I watched him today just trailing the secondary, he doesn’t say a lot, but when he does its about being physical.
Dan C Absolutely our DB’s have to be physical, just like our WR’s. If you don’t block as a WR you don’t get the ball, same thing for our DB’s you better tackle.

Kirwin What I think I see here is rookies pushing starters, I know it’s early and you probably can’t answer these questions yet, which is the right answer. I was watching the NT today, B Martin, not ready to start but I like what I saw. Man he is built, he is a power push.
If I was a coach here I would be excited, these rookies came to start, all of them are pushing veterans.
Dan C. No doubt I was asked the other day what did I want to see from our rookies. You don’t draft them if you don’t feel good about them. You want to see growth from them during practice that they don’t look out of play that is one. Two you want to see development after two weeks and we are seeing that.

Miller: B Martin Campbell. Areas that feel you really upgraded? Obviously the secondary and then the RB room are probably the two rooms where you upgraded the most. What are your thoughts?
Dan C. I think you hit it spot on. Those are probably the two rooms where we upgraded the competition the most, and look we needed that. We knew we needed to get better on the back end and BH did a great job. Haven’t even spoken about Mosely yet. Add a guy like Branch, then CJ who is a crafty veteran, then Sutton. Look at Jacobs just being around these veterans he is getting better just by being in the room with them.

Kirwin: Same thing with RB room, do you envision a two head monster with playing different roles?
Dan C That is how I always see it, Ben and I have discussed this. You need a back that can push the load, the four minute drill give the ball 20-25x a game. Then another guy specialty, who can slice you up it’s what I know. I mean with S Peyton we had Tiki Barber and Rod Dayne, new Orleans Mark I was the A back, Kamara did all the other stuff a two headed monster.
Kirwin, its the matchup game(DC yes right), with Gibbs you want to play base gibbs is at X, you
Dan C that is exactly right you want where defensively you can’t be right in how you want to play us.

Miller: St Brown is looking great, WR room. a Little on Mims and on LaPorta probably going to be a big contributor. You don’t break the recept record at IA if you aren’t a good TE.
Dan C; True, IA has had some players at that spot. I will start wiht Mims, he will do anything we want him to do. He is a big physical outside WR, I told him this AM, I don’t know where it’s going but I love you came in to compete.
LaPorta, the intriguing about him is I think he can help in the passing game and running.
Kirwin: The sophmores, some questions on them. They have gone through the offseason program, they know what to expect in camps coming in now. I know about Hutch he will do it. I am really interested in Paschal? Who is he now?
Dan C Here is what is interesting, he didn’t go through the spring or training camp last year. He’s a rookie we got him a week before dallas last year. We were hurting needed guys, he didn’t get true practice development and it showed. But now, he is and it is showing out in practice, we have high hopes for him. We think he can do some things inside and has a motor that doesn’t quit.


Miller: welcome in Goff how was the offseason.
Goff it was good, enjoy life back to work.

Miller: Little on Mims
Goff: He’s big physical fast and didn’t work out with first team but hope it does here

Kirwin: Little bit on the new TE LaPorta, you are throwing to him, what do you see from him?
Goff; yea he’s pretty dang good, we’re excited about him, he’s as good as a pass catching rookie as I have seen. His hands are really good, route running is really crisp, he still makes rookie mistakes here and there as rookies do. He is going to help us.

Miller: for you personally you were playing the position better at the end not turning over the fb, I’m encouraged. You listen to your coach and GM and both are saying you are playing better than they have see. What is different for you? What clicked? what was your approach to playing at that high of a level.
Goff, Early on we were playing good ball, especially on offense, however, we just couldn’t make that fourth qtr play to win the game. For me personally it started with focusing on what I could do make me better, focus on me. Don’t focus on fixing other things outside of what I can control. Just do my job, focus on my job which then helped others do better as I honed on my play others improved.

Miller: awesome play in 7 on 7 today. St Brown ends up taking an end cut and Malcolm R starts to float into the path. You at the top of your drop, didn’t come out of your hand the way you wanted it to, but you wanted to manipulate the ball and it came out wobbly, Goff: looked like I kicked it. Miller Yea, but it was a completion! Goff: Thankfully no pictures in the stat book(frm: he obviously hasn’t been on the den where screen shots live forever lol). But you are exactly right, Malcolm was there and it was M Jones but I tried to manipulate it and it worked.
Kirwin: How fast is Gibbs learning all these different roles, we’ve talked about kamara, Reggie B, how is he doing.
Goff: it’s a lot but he’s a smart kid, will make his mistakes as rookies do but he is doing well. Picking it up quickly and i know they are excited about all the things he can bring to the offense.
Miller: Addressing expectations.
Goff: Glad Dan brought it up immediately, addressed it. Externally people are more excited, but last season doesn’t mean anything for this season. Training camp doesn’t feel different we are working.
Kirwin: This isn’t our first stop on the tour, but it’s interesting, some of the QB’s had real struggles as the line wasn’t ready to pick up the exotics. You have a really nice world back there compared to other QB’s. Your practices are ahead of them.
Goff: Oh I do, I do, fortunate to have the OL we have. Adding GG is big rather he is at G C or back up we have some great pieces here.


Loved this. Thanks!

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Enjoyed this, thanks for the good read!!

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Such a good read. Thanks for sharing.

What I liked the most was Goff saying camp hasn’t changed they are working. Sounds like guys are pushing each other. So pumped for the season to start!

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So what you’re saying and Goff is saying is this isn’t like the 2012 lions team that thought they had accomplished it all after the 2011 season and stopped working hard


I will add more later from the other player/Holmes interviews.

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Not sure I have heard him say something like this before with regards to the 3yr players.
So who is in their 3rd preseason camp this year?
J Okwara?

I know there are others but those are the first two that come to mind that, imo, need to show out.

I think both those guys are on the bubble
I think odds favour Okwara being cut

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I usually listen to 97.1 in the morning on my way to work. All the players are saying the same thing. Vets are taking the young guys under their wing and they all just want to do what ever it takes to win. That is a credit to Holmes bringing in players that are all about the team. Definitely feels different this time.


We have a completely different mindset from the coaching staff than we did back then. Schwartz did great to help a struggling team overachieve and play with their hair on fire for a season. But because he coached to guys emotions, the highs were high and the lows were really low. This staff focuses on personal growth, execution and being the best player you can be on any given play whether we are up 20 or down 20…on a 6 game winning streak or a 6 game losing streak. Every day, every practice and every game should be approached the same. Every young guy should strive to be better today than they were yesterday, and every aging vet should strive to be just as good today as he was when he was younger.

I am okay with Will Harris because we improved the roster to put him where he should be on the depth chart. My biggest fear was that the staff actually saw him as a starter that should be one of our top 3 corners. The roster moves they made tell me they do not. Which is okay in my book. We have done worse than Will Harris in our secondary before.


So where is T Tabor?

When asked if sold out season tickets make him feel more pressure or weight, Dan Campbell said no…

“I feel wind underneath my freakin’ wings.”

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Who knew Dan was a Bette Midler fan.

There is a feminine side to him when he isn’t biting knee caps. Just don’t tell anyone.

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Brad Holmes interview:

Kirwin: I really want you to spend a minute on the front DL, those 3 guys and guys behind them. When we got ready to come here I spent time looking at what you did there iwant someone to explain to me what you did there. When I saw BMartin, that’s a body worth looking at.
BH Alim, came back trimmed down, went from Nose to a 3T. He always had the athletic ability in the big body, now with the weight down, having a great camp. Buggs had a nice year, and B Jones, brought him back. Addition of coach J Scott is big, fundamentals, you can see the improvement. Levi looks good. But Broderic, we didn’t take him as a right now guy, we were excited about what he can become. Now when, don’t know, but I will say he is coming on a lot faster, a credit to the coaches. Kirwin He is different, he is bulky may hold down a 3rd and one. BH: He is instinctive, he has the power, can find the ball. Lot of those 340lb guys don’t want to run to the ball, he does, plus the length.

Miller: Brings up the instant feedback concept again. Loves it. Don’t see it with other teams… It’s constant every coach, Glenn, Fraley all of them, pushing development even quicker.
Holmes Yes all of them a passion, it happens in real time, great coachs

Kirwin While we compliment the youth, you also brought back three former Lion players. You don’t see that with many teams, maybe one, but 3?
Holmes: Start with Marvin Jones, another veteran presence, we wanted him to stay when we came here but couldn’t make it happen, had our eye on him. GG, lot of good tape wanted him, he can walk on the field without reps know what you have. Maybin, bring him back will help LB and ST.
Miller: Credit to culture, GG said he wanted to be back with this guys. FA speaks to the culture, even Sutton. Something going on wanted to be in Detroit.
Holmes: something we noticed this offseason, the fruits of our labor. Guys now want to be here, started a little bit last year but noticeable this year. With FA, I tell them to talk to our players, sure I can sell you, but talk to the players on the team they will give it to you straight on what it is like being in Detroit. It’s about treating guys the right way.
Kirwin: Last comment, lots of depth, talent, good looking rookies, then when practice is done, you get to watch Hendon Hooker.
Holmes Hendon is doing a nice job. Perfect situation for him to rehab. It’s a different offense and style than he is used to play in. So it is a good chance for him to develop physically and mentally.
Miller Last thing for me Goff, with how he finished the year on fire last season 8-2 came out roaring today. Thoughts
Holmes: So proud of him. Think he will be even better this year. Now the continuity of Ben coming back second season, another culture thing, JG second season in that offense. More efficiency in the run game.

Miller: Call me impressed with what Holmes has done here in Detroit.
Kirwin: Speaks to him and the guys he brought in Dorsey, Spielman they know what they want. They have 4-5 starters from the waiver wire, you don’t see that with teams. But they have a way to identify who fits and it’s working. Draft, FA, waiver .


St Brown

Miller, coming into his third year and what a first two years it has been. You have been shot out of a cannon so to speak and you just continue to grow speak to that.
SBEver since that Vikings game when I scored the winning TD, I started getting more looks. It was all about making the most of the opportunities I got. Teams that win games, stats follow, focus on winning not stats and the stats follow.
Kirwin: How much, as you’ve evolved into this very very good player, how much has defenses changed in covering you, I mean we would be rolling players to you.
SB: It’s definitely changed especially on 3rd downs, I’m noticed more bracket coverages S or LB waiting for me on the inside, may not be covering. But Ben does a great job of finding ways to get me open.
Kirwin: How much do they put you in motion to stop that stuff.
SB: I’m in motion a lot, fast motion, regular motion. I understand what Ben wants to do and the reason for what I’m doing which makes it esaier for me to see what is going on.
Miller: Revamped secondary what’s it look like
SB: They look good, veteran groups they understand the game of FB which is big thing for secondaries. Everyone can run and jump(obviously he wasn’t here wiht Teez) but understanding what offenses are trying to do is most important. You can see that in this group and they are playing great. I’m looking forward to seeing them go against other offenses. Joint practices we are on other fields but I expect them to do well.
Kirwin: Your offense, this is my 3rd or 4th camp. Your offense is ahead of the other teams we have seen to this point. Rookie TE, RB outside of that everyone knows what they are doing. You know you are ahead of the defense. I’m not sure you put more things in the offense, more just practicing what you do. How do you deal wiht how fast it is coming together?
SB: We run a lot of the same things, cores. You can get bored same plays, same defense. Camp is also to experiment to see what guys can do in different positions, you work on core concepts then again, there are plays we may never run in a game but do now just to see if it works worth looking at.
Miller: Mims what do see from him? Coach in his PC raved about him ST, he’s a big body
SB: He’s a big guy can run and jump, a big body not many guys are 6’3 run a 4’3 he is doing a good job of picking up the offense. I didn’t expect that, some times you don’t play as fast as you normally do when learning a new offense. He is picking it up fast, it’s impressive and look forward to seeing what he can do.

Recap from two of them
Marvin Jones craft veteran. Raymond has a lot of ability, All Pro returner. Reynolds doing well, Williams will come back. Guy who flashed today is Drummond.
Lot depends on Goff and the ball, today, was coming out fast he is so comfortable back there. THe OL even without the starting center, he looked good. Really confident, knows he has the time to throw, he’s accurate, can read defenses, knows what he is doing back there. His career is really in a good place. Late in his Ram thing he threw a lot of picks, look at him now, this staff has him ready to go.


Well shit, who’s ready for some ■■■■■■■ football?!?!?!

Excited Oh Yeah GIF

Kirwin and Miller have THE best show in football. If you haven’t listened to them it is sure worth the time.


Alim McNeil interview.

Miller: Looks like you trimmed weight what did you do
AM: Eating right getting the right amount of sleep, two main things helped out a lot. Aiding my performance on the field. With me playing a lot of 3T now I want to win most of those.
Kirwin: I was always in a 4/3 scheme, the 4/3 guys would love to see you, just the way you get off the ball now.
AM That was another thing just the way I was getting off the ball, I feel like I got off good my first couple yrs but felt like I could do it better faster stronger, quicker. So, I honed in, things I wanted to do on the field that I wasn’t doing. It’s coming
Kirwin: So here’s the thing the trap, Goff got a few of you today with a hard count. As much as you want to get quick off the ball you have to be disciplined. The DL was gotten a few times today. QB’s are going to take advantage of this you gotta be careful.
AM: Yea, he did get us, some pushups for those as well. The eyes are the key you have to keep an eye, angle, on the ball at all times. Discipline is key, but, little stuff like that you can’t be doing. I mean that is pop warner type stuff, jumping off sides.
Kirwin: Did you tell your big DE that? Penei got him
AM Yea we did, he will make up for that.
Miller: Talk about BM another legit 330, how is he doing how can you help him after your first two years?
AM: Yea for sure BM is coming along nicely. Biggest thing for young guys coming into the league is their hands and feet on the same page. Still early camp, just about there now, just little things but he has improved through camp. Hes a big dude and uses his size and length well, has some nice pass rush moves as well.
**Kirwin:**Won’t be long before ones on ones will be over and you will be looking at the scout team. Why is ones vs ones, or do you find many challenges tougher than your own OL
AM: I can’t lie, imo, we have the top ol in the league, going against them every day and sharpen your skills is big.
Kirwin: Someone tried to penetrate on JJ, and he two hand punched him to the ground, don’t think it was you or I wouldn’t bring it up. We know JJ is a good player, when I saw that punch, these young guys, they think they are past the OL guy when they aren’t.
AM: Especially Jonah, he is really smart, he times up stuff like that and can set you up
Miller: Talk about the goals for the defense. These numbers are somewhat skewed as you turned it up the second half of the season. What has AG said for goals, imagine carrying that over and improving this year.
AM: We talk about the numbers, the %s, third downs but the goal this year is to create an identity, to be violent. Violence is what we are going after, what we want to put on tape. The numbers are very important, we know that, but violence is the key.
Miller: Pat K drafted AG,
AM: Didn’t know that, thats wild. No one can stop him, his mentality no one can stop him.

Miller: Lions believe they are much better suited up front defensively which should allow them to free up the LB’s. Look at AA led them in tackles and then Jack Campbell should have a big year.
Kirwin JC is very very good, his drops are very good. NFL is not college, in college you take a seven step drop and you are in coverage. In this league that won’t work.
Miller: in terms of other DL players. Comminsky, Buggs, Covington, B Jones, can Levi return to form.
Kirwin: Yea, so, how many do you keep? you are a three man front really a four man defense how many do you keep 8? 9? Pushing the numbers. Paschal is coming on strong. Comminsky and they aren’t getting rid of B Martin. C Harris is getting a lot of work today when we were watching. But that is a good thing and know this everyone will be studying Detroit’s roster as their roster is filling with talent. For the first time in a long time, very long time, we can say that this roster will have players others want at cut time.
I guarrantee you two years ago when this group took over and you look at the 53 man roster they had 45 guys, Detroit was waiting for the waiver wire to fill spots. It’s why you see guys come in and blossom as starters which we talked about earlier.

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