Slay out the door?

Looks like it really could be happening.

Well that sucks.

Fake News!

Who is _bigplayslay23 anyways?!!

Just some guy blogging on the interwebs. Does he even know Darius Slay? Has he ever talked to him?

Until we hear straight from Darius [email protected]#detroitlions then I won’t believe it.

Wow, that doesn’t look good at all. Was hoping for the first time in my life the Lions would have 2 quality corners on the outside. Guess not unless we draft Okudah.

It looks like another good player is fed-up with this inept coaching staff.

Slay > Patricia

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not shocking news…

Darius has been on the move for awhile now.

What are we going to get in return?

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Looks like they might just force him to play out his contract and franchise him. Fucking jerk can’t keep his mouth shut to save his life. He drives the price down we’re better off screwing him. Think about that jackass!

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The Lions need to keep a level head here and make a smart play. Let him be a hot head.


The best thing for Slay to do is shut up if he wants to be traded sooner than later. Airing his grievances online isn’t helping the process.

Darius Slay



They need to hurry it up


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Darius Slay and Desmond Trufant would be a fun tandem to watch, but I just don’t see it happening. The Lions want to deal Slay.

I don’t understand his logic. He should be thinking about what the next team will see in him. He should be saying I would love to play opposite Trufant. HE might consider saying…as a matter of fact I just want to play I’ll earn my money whereevr I end up.

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Diva. WRs and CBs can’t help themselves. Their problem is they don’t get punched in the mouth enough.


He’s definitely gone IMHO. The only question is for what?

He’s been demanding money for over a year now and getting no play… it’s obviously wore on him.

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Send him to Cincinatti. We should get some top of the round picks.

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Yep. I’d send him to Cincy or Cleveland, just for spite.

Ha, I literally came here to say, send him to the Bengals.

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