Smart Money Skoronski

Every year there is more data, more “Youtube-Film” and the consideration process starts earlier and earlier…

Most mocks start at the top with seniors who have elite measurements, presumed testing, and stats/production to that point in their careers… Then elite athletes entering their junior year who produce at a high level, and finally the “projections…”

  • Who are the former 4-5 star kids who didn’t get much playing time as freshmen or sophomores, and started showing out at spots in the junior season and decided to come out? What would a senior year have looked like? A perfect example is a guy like Hutch coming back and cementing himself as a top #1-3 pick, and teams comparing that to what Walker would have done in a senior year? Walker tested better, and was a 5 star recruit vs Hutch as a 4 star… Walker had a more productive career in less snaps up to his junior season, tested like a freak… so many projected what he could/would have done with another year in college?

We’ve seen guys like Ringo, Bresee, JSN, Witherspoon, Branch, Battle, etc all over draft boards ranging from rounds 1-3 over the past few months…

To say that this isn’t a great draft class… or there aren’t any generational talents is VERY short sighted, and many have clouded judgement because the “TYPE OF PLAYER” they want might not be in this class, or projected around #6

I would not bat an eye if we drafted o-line help to aid those on our roster in 23 , however, I would not say The O is the focus of this team/ when we had one of the worst defenses in the league with injuries. I think the majority of this draft ‘should’ strengthen our defense so it absolutely will hold that “higher” ranking AND you refine the offense with BPA,

We have 2 tackles under contract. With what we are paying Decker, Sewell, and Ragnow. Plus with Jackson on the last year of his deal, we are going to have to get cheap at the guard spot real quick. Personally I think Wilson is the guy at 6.

From Birkett latest mock draft.

“In Detroit, Skoronski could play right guard as a rookie — though the team signed Graham Glasgow in free agency and is keeping Halapoulivaati Vaitai on a restructured contract — and move to tackle or center down the road”

Anderson and Wilson are gone, and he is not sure if Carter will be on the Lions board but they have a month to figure it out.