Smokescreen or real? Seahawks and Lions are saying similar things

I really don’t want this to be a thread about if they are taking a QB or not but more about what their saying and what their strategy might be.

Here is what Pete Carole recently said.

“Well here we are. The number five pick and there’s legitimately four great prospects coming out at the quarterback spot. We may never have this opportunity again, so we’ve got to maximise it and so we’re doing our homework. We’re not going to hold back in doing that. And everybody knows, Geno knows and Drew knows, and everybody knows what’s going on, we’re just got to see what happens and take it as it comes.”

Here is what Holmes said recently.

“I communicated with Jared at the end of the season about—just like I told you guys at the Combine—yeah, we’ve got Jared, but we didn’t have anything else behind him,” Holmes said. “So (we) just let him know that, ‘Look, man, we’ve got to get more behind you.’ I think we are in a unique position with all the picks that we have to add maybe a pretty talented guy if we go that direction”

Personally I think both guys are trying to convince those teams behind them that QB is in play for them at 5 and 6. Why else say what you’re saying.

If they really wanted a QB they’re telling teams like the LAR, ATL, TEN, and HOU that the 4 and 5 best QB’s could be gone so they should trade up to get them. So I doubt they would tip their hand like that.

Maybe they want to convince teams they need to trade up with Arizona for a QB.

They’re also telling the teams behind them that it’s more likely Carter, Anderson and the rest could slide down the board.

They maybe also trying to sell a trade down scenario.

I find it interesting that both teams are singing the same tune. What do you think their motives and strategies are?


I am hearing something different.

Pete Carroll is literally talking about taking one of the top guys with the 5th overall pick. He even specifically says it. Brad is saying what he said in another interview. We got caught with our pants down at backup QB last year and he doesn’t want it to happen again. So “we have a lot of picks” and might get a QB with one of them.

If Brad wanted to say the same thing that Pete was saying, then he messed up.


They are saying the same thing imo…Holmes is just being a tad bit more vague. But his last quoted sentence here…

I think we are in a unique position with all the picks that we have to add maybe a pretty talented guy if we go that direction”

That isn’t in reference to anyone but the top 4 guys imo. Maybe Hooker if they see him as a end of 1st round talent. This isn’t talking about adding a day 3 backup.

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Jalen Carter seems like the type of guy Carroll would take.

We signed Sudfield since then. I think we will go for a later round pick rookie QB.

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Let’s at least use the full-context here:

“We are in a unique position, with all the picks that we have, to add maybe a pretty talented guy if we go that direction.”

He was quick to note,

“It doesn’t have to be first round, doesn’t have to be second round.”

Carroll is specifically talking about Pick #5. Holmes is talking ANY pick.


I’d have to presume everything is a smokescreen at this point. They, like the Lions, have done their best to address needs in free agency so that they have options rather than needs in the draft. This ain’t the first rodeo for either John Schneider or Brad Holmes, so there ain’t no real tea leaves to read.

I think the dream for both teams–at least, the Lions–is that Levis is snagged in the top 4, leaving Carter and Richardson as low hanging fruit.

This short podcast notes a lot of parallels between these 2 teams:


Ah, but then other GMs would suspect, as you do, that they don’t actually need to trade up to get a QB. It’s a bluff. So I clearly cannot drink the wine in front of you.

But then the Lions and Seahawks would know that the other teams know that they could be bluffing and using it to prevent other teams from trading up. So I clearly cannot drink the wine in front of me.

But then the other teams would also know that the Lions and Seahawks know that they could be bluffing and using it to prevent other teams from trading up. So I clearly cannot drink the wine in front of you.

To me every word uttered right now is done with an ulterior motive, and it’s best to just not believe anything. The stuff that was said back before the Senior Bowl, that’s where the truth tends to hide.


It seems to me Drew Lock is a far better backup than Nate Sudfeld. Maybe I’m wrong about that. It also seems to me Pete Carroll is selling the idea they could take a QB. It seems to me Holmes ain’t saying much at all, other than they need another QB in the room.

And the situations are a similar but have an important distinction. Geno Smith just reupped his deal. He got paid. Its not a long term deal. He’s 32-33 years old. He is not going to take any offense to Seattle taking a QB. Contrast that with Goff. Goff is in his prime. He has not reupped his deal yet. Bringing a highly drafted QB with Goff sends a different message to the starter. Holmes and Campbell are saying 100% Goff is our starter next year and they want to communicate that to him. They’ll need to reassure him if they take a highly drafted QB. And its not a lie. Goff is going to be the starter next year no matter if they take the best QB in the draft. I just think its trickier with the Lions. Doesn’t mean they’ll take one high, but lets just say it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

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One of the most important draft maxims. Along with (at least with me): my opinions on players in Dec. are more often right than my opinions in April.


Funny you say that. I was just thinking about Seattle. They are in a great spot in the draft. Will potentially get best defensive player available, draft a QB they like, or trade out. Plus the have pick #20 as well.

Question, would you rather have pick #6 and 18 or #5 and 20? Seattle always seems to be in the pick right before us. I still haven’t gotten over the Steve Hutchinson pick right before us.

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Is this really a thing?

I think GMs would be aware of this regardless of what these GMs say to the press. They usually know more from inner circle rumblings and are just as aware as we are about the possibility of a smoke screen.

Maybe they are just being candid since what they are saying is pretty darned obvious to everyone. Again if we could speculate this on this message board why wouldn’t the professionals in charge of billion dollar organizations do the same?

Same. I mean, you know what I mean. LOL

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Well see context here does matter. That does change things a bit on how I interpret these two different quotes.


Yeah, that’s why I stepped in with the full quote. Brad more just wants to add the QB room. Could be with 6, but could also be at 82. Or even later. Who knows. I’d expect another QB in the room though before training camp starts.


Both are playing their hands close to the vest. Making QB leaning GM’s do extra work and potentially pulling the string on a deal. Just good business from both parties. Something we are not used to around these parts. Hence the responses within this thread.

At least, thats what I read into it.

Dag. Nate Sudfield can’t feel great to hear that.

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James Franco GIF

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It’s dangerous to go against our GM when a quarterback is on the line.


One of the classic blunders.