**SNF thread Packers & Bears **

well… Bears shot their shot… so now what?

Da Bears strike back. Good game so far.

It’s odd how 363 days out of the year I detest the Bears with a passion, yet tonight is one of the two days a year I’m ok with 'em.

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Justin Fields is a bust and he sucks because he’s from Ohio State.

Ruh Roh. Packers in deep now.

If you want a better 2nd Pick via the Rams in the 1st Round, you should root for the Pack…Chi 24-21 in the 2nd Qtr.

Ok. I should warn you though. I’ve been rooting for the Lions for over 30 years though, so pretty sure my jedi abilities never fully developed.

This isn’t the football team you’re looking for…

Glad to see you finally come around, man


Looks like my powers are stronger when I’m rooting for the Packers. Much more powerful.

Packers will still win this game

So odds on the moneyline during the game went from packers -650 to packers -160…

It jumped on it and that is in addition to a 3 game parlay I took packers ML in…

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We could have drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005. But we took Mike Williams instead. We didn’t need a QB because we had Joey Harrington. :rofl:

I think 23 teams passed on rodgers… right?

Wasnt he 24th pick?

They didn’t have Joey Sunshine as their starter.
Yes, he was. That would never happen today with a QB with that much skill falling that far. No matter how big a douche he is.

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I didnt know this but Aaron Rodgers own a small part of the Milwaukee bucks


10/20…155 yards …2 td and a pick 6

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Ha. Collinsworth just said 100 meters.


100 yards buddy.

But the metric system does rock. Keep fighting the good fight Chris.

Yeah…packers just got away with a delay of game

The play clock hit zero

Meanwhile, al michels just says “taking that play clock down to the nub”

And now to our booth view of Cris Collinsworth talking about nothing but Aaron Rodgers for the entire quarter.

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That’s like a natural sleep aid there.