So, #2 or #3 draft pick

Sounds good, maybe they can get a TD and score some extra early picks. Wouldn’t mind getting Chase Young though if he fell to us.

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We completed the tank job to perfection. I will go ahead and book my 2020 Lions playoff tickets.


Miami’s Win today,after checking Draftek, it appears trading their #39 to the Lions, the 7th Pick in the 2nd Round, is almost equal trade value for the Lions going from #3 to #5 in any assumed Tua trade down draft scenario

OF course, all of the above scenario ignores any of the Afternoon games yet to be played.

By tanking this organization proved they’re good at sucking, that’s all. The benefits from doing so haven’t been realized and it’s maybe 50-50 that they ever will.

By the way, Chase Young was neutralized (again) yesterday, and I think the Skins will pass on him if they are at #2 and go OT.

Or Jeudy…but more likely OT I agree. Gotta give Hawkins time to develop as a pocket passer and they can get a WR in FA or in Rd 2.

I’m warming up to the OT and WR(Jeudy) for us now.

How can we go anything but defensive line with the 1st pick?

If this season taught us anything it doesn’t matter how good your offense is if your defense can’t stop anyone.

A good defense can carry a bad offense but a good offense can’t carry a bad defense.

I seriously think we ought to draft the best defensive lineman with our first pick every year because There is no such thing as too much depth on the dline.

Trade down please

Trading down when you can get either a top QB DE or OT is so dumb. The Lions are picking top 3. Take a blue chipper at a premium position. Trading down is great for fans who love the draft, but you can’t pass up getting a slam dunk player at either QB DE or OT and one of them will be there at 3.

Please stop with the trade down talk.

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Worked out pretty well for the ‘18 Colts. Had a draft for the ages.


If we can’t get Young, the difference between the blue chip player available at 6 or 7 is somewhat finite in this draft so no it’s not stupid, Iggy.


Burrows and Chase are the first two. After that it’s anyone’s guess , plus a possible trade down. And you damn well know it.

If Snacks retires and Robinson tests free agency, the Lions will definitely need to get the best DTs/DEs via free agency or draft.

As it stands NOW, I can honestly see teams 5-7,9 needing QB’s:
#5 - Miami
#6 - LA Chargers
#7 - Carolina (Assuming Cam is either traded or done)
#9 - Jacksonville

There are 2 Premier (Cough!) QB’s available - Tua(Assuming he comes out & Hebert)…Chargers like Hebert. Rivers is getting near the End. He may just retire. He loathes driving up from San Diego during the season, has a Big family and is an active Father. Miami is the ONLY team with 2 2nd Rounders available.

But, as I mentioned earlier, moving from #3 to #5, only yields Miami’s #39 2nd Round Pick. Therefore, I would think, any other team would by necessity have to offer their 2nd & 3rd round Picks to compete. It would be illogical for Miami to offer their other 2nd Round Pick near the bottom of the 2nd Round, when #39 is fair value…OF course, a bidding war is what we all crave. If Tua decides to play at Alabama ONE more year, the fight for Hebert will be that much more intense amongst the QB needy teams above !!!

Do they have Bob Quinn? No? We do. No way I trade down. Make it a no-brainer for this guy so here doesn’t Hock/Teez us with his “briliance”


If you’re picking number two or number three you are looking for a franchise-changing talent. A guy who has a decent chance at being a perennial Pro Bowl All Pro player or even a Hall of Famer. There is no chance that the cornerback from Ohio State is that kind of guy. None. Chase Adams Maybe the offensive tackle maybe Derek Brown probably not. if there was ever the spot for best player available this would be it

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Sure, Quinn could reach. Provided he does not I think pick 6 or 7 is likely to offer the same level of prospect at pick 3.

Dont forget to say the Lions are a special kind of terrible and that everyone should go. You are the one who claimed there was a huge difference between 3 wins and 4. So, here you go…

I have said everyone should go. But you got your early draft pick, congrats.