So is he or isn’t he?

The big question of the week is whether Stafford should be in the Hall? Some say he was already in before the SB, some say he’s in now that he’s won the SB, and still others think there’s more work to do.

My feeling is this SB win sealed the deal. The Valenti show was comparing Staffords stats to Ryan’s. Ryan though has played with much better talent and has played 40 more games. Stafford has all of the stats but couldn’t overcome the CovidLion virus. The one thing I will say is Stafford made a shit-ton of HOF throws. He’s got the stats, has the SB win, and a highlight real that will rival most QBs in the HOF. He passes the eye test for me. His plight was sidetracked by the team that drafted him and allowed his talent to rot. That should not be held against him.

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The whole conversation annoys me because Richard Sherman tweeted some bullshit.

I think he’s in, too.

Others don’t, that’s fine, but I think all concede that in a few years it’ll be rather unanimous. It’s not like he’ll suddenly forget how to play football next year.

Bottom line: If Matt isn’t in Detroit, he’s sure fire HoF. Pretty certain the hall sees it that way, too.

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