So... What About Bob (Kraft)?

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Pats owner Bob Kraft has been charged with solicitation of a prostitute as part of a federal case against a string of massage parlors that are accused of bringing women here from China and then coercing them into prostitution. It’s the usual kind of tragic shit. Desperate women get assistance in obtaining a US work visa, and then the only job they get is at a massage parlor where they have to perform sex acts on clients to pay back their employers/sponsors. Kraft has been charged as a patron and not as a conspirator (as far as I know). However, I don’t beleive for a minute that he didn’t know that these women were sex trafficking victims. He’s a horrible person for paying to have sex with women who were clearly forced into prostitution.

Where do we go from here? If he’s found guilty, I have to think the NFL will make him sell the team. They might even try to force him out before the legal process raps up. There’s no way the other 31 owners and Goodell want this to be associated with the league.


Let me clarify, he is a horrible person IF he actually did this. He deserves a chance to defend his name just like anyone else.

The League is replete with disgusting behavior. This would take the freaking cake, if its true, though. The NFL has a huge PR problem to start with, and this isnt gonna help with that.

If Kraft knew the plight of these women and still participated, then he needs to be made an example of…and selling his franchise should be at the top of the list!

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Cheating starts at the top.


76 year old man, his 38 year old girlfriend just had someone else’s baby. So, he used a massage parlor instead of seeking solace from another golddigger. Give me a break. Sanctimonious bullshit and stinks like every other attempt to smear people and take away their livelihood. I have no experience with prostitutes but they are far from the victims you are portraying them as. Many of the them rob their customers and I cannot cover the amount of women who foist other men’s children on men and basically enslave them for the rest of their lives. I am sure the johns running to prostitutes are not running id checks on the pieces of ass or asking them if they were being trafficked before having sex with them. I am sure it is on the top of the list when they are going to get laid. Uh, on second thought they are only thinking about getting laid and using protection so they don’t catch anything from these poor victims. Prostitution has been changed into human trafficking to make it sound like there are victims in these victimless crimes.
How many guys question the girls they pay bills for if they are being trafficked. The answer is zero. The girls are working them for money.
I had tea with a young asian woman once. She was a waitress in a chinese restaurant. She told me she couldn’t date anyone, she had to do everything the owner of the restaurant told her or she would be sent back to China. Human trafficking? Yes. Happens all the time. I am probably guilty of something for sleeping with her because afterward I realized she might just be a victim. Vilifying Robert Kraft does nothing for these"victims". Getting the traffickers is the goal, not the johns.

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Ouch! Nicely done.

Let’s pretend that most rich men with power don’t bang prostitutes on the regular… Ignorance is bliss… I personally don’t care what he does in his private life (or anyone for that matter). He owns an NFL team, he’s not the pope or someone that’s built a life based on morality.

You attack both supply and demand if you want to cure a problem.

My approach would be to legalize prostitution and license them.

Prohibition always drives up prices and makes crime lucrative.

I’m not sure I see a whole heck of a lot of difference between a back rub and another kind of rub…


I’m cutrently in Vietnam and there’s a massage parlor right next to my hotel. A Hundy thousand for a massage. One million dong for the works :point_right:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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So you’re saying that you’d have a really happy ending if you had 1 million dongs?


People that hate the Patriots will somehow see this as an indictment of the Patriots.
People that hate Trump will somehow see this as an indictment of Trump.

The only way this is an issue is if Kraft knew the girls were underage or being trafficked. Otherwise it is a consensual agreement between 2 adults. None of my business.

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Indeed. In fact I’m about to walk down the beach with my dong in my hand and get a cold Tiger

Or maybe a warm bear…

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5 bucks for a massage and 50 for anything you want?

Rates sure went up since Full Metal Jacket


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Just be patient. Prices will drop when the Hand Job Bubble bursts in the next few years. They’ll practically be giving them away then.

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I honestly could care less

I care way more about that dog they found wandering the streets in Detroit with his ears and nose cut off a couple years ago than I do about this. I put up $100 for the reward fund to help find the bastard(s) and I don’t think they ever did. That makes me upset.

Kraft getting a Happy Ending is not high on my list of things I give a shit about.

That said, I hope they nail the people bringing in the women to the wall

Lots of Asian countries the girls are abandoned at the brothels, they are considered worthless and just another mouth to feed. It is all they ever know from 5 years old. In a way, coming here is a continuation. There was a pervert at work who bragged about going to live in the Philippine Islands when he retired because of the brothels. Suggesting that cultural differences excuses the behavior is not what we are doing here. But it was normal for 12-13 year old girls to be married and bearing children. But all that is bullshit because there is nothing here about Kraft being involved in trafficking. He used a prostitute. I don’t approve. I certainly would never use one. But I am not judging him for doing so.

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In Hong Kong Wan Chai is loaded with Phillipine working girls. I’ve never taken them up on sex but I’ve overpaid for some drinks and interesting conversation. They work out a deal with the bars and mama sans to get a cut of the drink money and whatever else might happen

And if you’re a white dude you get swarmed on instantly. I mostly enjoy the uber cheesy Philippine 80’s cover bands that are always playing at those places

I don’t feign to know all the inner workings of the Asian sex trade but from what they tell me they are normal girls with normal families who come over on 3 week visas to make extra money

The woman I chatted with last week when I was in HK owned an ice cream parlor in Manila. It was kind of hilarious how she would periodically wink at me in an overwrought fashion and periodically exclaim ‘I luff you’


Hey, I’ve got some beach front property in NV to pitch you …