Somebody earlier mentioned having Justin Fields

or wishing we had him instead of Goff, anyhoo…I say I don’t think Fields or a number of other QB’s would fare much better given the team as it is “currently”.

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Fields 65 QBR
Goff 85 QBR
Some folks are blinded by media driven hate.


Mack Jones baby!

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Not sure what this means?

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I’ve decide on my preferred QB plan for 2022.

Sign Marcus Marriota as a high end back up and let him compete with Goff. If a QB that we like in the draft presents good value at a certain spot then add him as well. If not, wait till '23 to get the young pup

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Yeah that was me. And I still wish we had taken him with the Carolina trade instead of the LA trade. The Bears are trying their best to ruin him, but I think he is going to be really really good. Most importantly, he is better than any QB in this next draft IMO.

Goff apologist not giving the same excuses to a rookie. Why? No we’d rather pay $30 million a year for the same results. At least we can develop Fields who has insane physical talent throwing the football.

And Fields wouldn’t have Ratattouie as his best run blocker here

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I’m down.

It means, McVey said something on ESPN, and they ran with it. Now, it’s a fact of life.
Except, it’s not.
For the last 12 years, Stafford couldn’t elevate this team, but, he’s the Savior of LA.
Goff has been where Stafford has only dreamed of being, and he’s won!
But, McVey, who apparently needs a perfectly complete team to win, said he couldn’t do what he has already done, so, that’s that.

Who is this ratatouille blocker?
I don’t get this reference.

He did elevate the team. And he is elevating LA as well.


Then it wouldn’t be media driven hate…it would be McVay driven hate

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But, that’s not what the haters around here have been saying for 12 years!..and, they’re the ones running with what McVey said as though it were gospel to prove that Goff is shit because he can’t do with a shit team what Stafford (who couldn’t win with a shit team) is doing with the team he took to the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 years.

Ratatouie I think is some sort of nursery rhyme…my middle brother’s best friend used to sing it when we were young… :laughing:

No, when the media repeats it twenty times a day, and McVey apologized for saying it, it’s media driven.
It really doesn’t matter because Goff will NOT have anything close to a complete team to work with here, and he will be gone in two years, and the Lions will still be on the treadmill looking for the next Aaron Rodgers, because that’s all it takes to win.
Meanwhile, the POS QB we’ve had for 12 years will win a Super Bowl. How that’s even possible, I still can’t figure out.

A whole lot of football left before anyone’s winning a SB. Rodgers and the Packers just went into Arizona with no wide receivers and won. I’m not giving the Lombardi out to anyone this year until it’s won.

But, Stafford is the media darling.:astonished:
(For the first time in his 12 year career.)

Lol very true.

Nah…I disagree. That cart was driven by McVay in the first place. Then he subsequently traded Goff. The media mentions it 20 times because McVay followed up his bashing of Goff by trading him. His team is better and that is what the media is driving. Not once has the media said “Goff sucks”