Sorry traditionalists, more NFL games will be streaming-only this season

If this keeps going in the direction of more and more “pay per view” only, there’s going to be backlash from fans and through the courts or Congress, the NFL may eventually lose its’ antitrust exemption. The legal reasoning from a 2010 decision suggests the NFL is not on solid ground.

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It will continue as long as the viewers are there and, they are there as the ratings/numbers show.


Everything is going to eventually become pay per view. It’s absolutely ridiculous.


The NFL is like the modern Coliseum of Rome–a distraction for the masses. If you take away the free access, that’s going to lead to problems for the federal government if they don’t do something.


Listen I am considering getting rid of the TV cost in my life and just going to a Bar to watch games. This is getting out of hand.
If I did not have a wife I would have already done this. TV time is time wasted for the most part.


honestly it’s high time for them to start stripping anti trust protections and go after monopolies all over the place.


Id rather it being on streaming than on network cable. Like FS1 or god forbid Bally.

I dont have cable. I already have prime and peacock is free or dirt cheap. Im ok with it as long as they fix the picture quality.

How about making it like what nickelodeon does or other type of broadcasts.

it’d be fun to watch if it looked like minecraft.

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They are going to lose some fans. Maybe Talor Swifties will be the new target. (Or whoever the next big draw is)

I enjoyed watching the Toy Story game for a little bit. My kids REALLY enjoyed it.

And as for losing fans? Views are going up every year.

So far the opposite has happened, granted it’s early.
Granted I’m one who subscribe to a lot of the streaming options for specific shows or sports and have overlap. Then there are the “free” options but the paid for options are easier.

So far and the ticket via Youtube have worked out well for the two sports I care about, streams are excellent and the ability to pause record/dvr are excellent.


I agree. Just need to get rid of Bally Sports for god sakes. Still waiting to see more details of the Amazon deal

What did they do to you? LOL

The ONLY way i can get bally in my area is either satellite (JUNK). Bally+ (Expensive) or Hulu Live. (Expensive for what i want).

I don’t understand why the MLB/ NHL/ NBA make it so hard and expensive to watch their product. And then they wonder why numbers are down.

Radio is free.

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Bally is in the process of being bought by Amazon. At least in part.

Once the sale goes through we will be able to watch Detroit sports on amazon, though I don’t know if they will charge extra.

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I wish I shared your optimism. I have no actual knowledge, but…

OF COURSE they will charge more. Someone has to fund Bezos’ manhood-proving rocket ships…


We don’t have cable either. Just Amazon Prime.

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I miss listening to Ernie Harwell broadcast Tigers games on the 50000 watt voice of the Great Lakes. You could travel great distances and still hear the games.


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Quick… who is the Heavyweight Champ in boxing right now… Yeah I don’t know either. This NEVER used to be the case until Pay Per View literally ruined the sport for the typical Joe who wouldn’t pony up 45 bucks to see the fight in their living room.

NFL - Don’t go the way of Boxing because you are foolishly taking it away from the common man unless they pay extra to sit at home and watch it.