Sorry traditionalists, more NFL games will be streaming-only this season

LOL. I can relate, but I’m using the amazon prime card so we are getting money back.
Uh, yea, about that thought…

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No need to apologize to us for shrinking their market.
At some point, the two people left watching won’t be able to support the league.

Perhaps, but so far the opposite is happening.

These are also good points. Also, compensation for talent in other sports started to catch up in terms of pay. Back in the 80s the best boxers and Formula 1 drivers made quite a bit more than other professions.

I hate streaming games, it takes so long to get in and out of apps during a commercial.

This!! And PPV UFC is thriving… Boxing died bc of a poor product. Tyson was the last boxer worth paying to see IMO.


I actually think we’re in for one of the most entertaining heavyweight bouts in forever if the Usyk vs Fury fight actually happens. The division has been dominated by absolute snorers for a long time. Really big guys who jab you to death from long range, nothing more possibly boring.

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UFC started with PPV. I remember watching the Heavyweight Championship on Channel 7 when Larry Holmes had the belt. So the difference is a whole few generations of people who said Eff You - vs a whole couple generations who’ve been paying for the top MMA fights forever and it was just part of the package. There is a difference here and the warning to the NFL is don’t Eff over the Get Off My Lawners like myself who have lived forever under the watching all big games for free scenario.

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