Sources: Broncos receive OK to interview Payton

Interesting pairing—him and Russell. Of course it’s gonna work out, too.


He likes old short QBs whose face is all effed up, so yeah

Ummm…that’s Russell’s actual face…really?

Not a mask…not actually a robot that has no understanding of human social interaction…




Short QBs with abnormally large hands. Russell’s hands are larger than Joe Flacco and Drew Brees has big hands too (long fingers giggity giggity).

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Payton’s first words to Wilson, “lose 30 pounds”.

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Maybe he has taken human robot interaction lessons from Zuck?

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They need the Wilson trade to work out and hiring Payton is definitely their best shot at that. Back up the Btinks truck for him.


Payton excelled as a coach with Brees, who could barely move in the pocket and was super accurate with his arm. Russ and Payton, that aint it IMO, recipe for disaster.

I w heard that it’ll come down to ownership not the QB.

For nfl billionaire owners as a group
They have a terrible track record of hiring success which seems to make a coach like Payton that much more valuable

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Agreed, how long did Jerry try to get him from NO?

I see it as a slam dunk, a pre-built elite defense with big struggles on offense despite having talent… Enter offensive genius Sean Payton.

Russell, staring past Peyton with vacant shark like eyes takes another bite from a Subway sandwich and replies in a tone barely above a whisper. “Wanna know a secret?”


Payton loved Taysom Hill and invented ways to get him on the field to expand his playcalling and ways to attack a defense.

That defense has given up 127 points in the past 4 games…
traded Chubb away….
and has 3 of it’s top players hitting UFA (including Dre’Mont Jones)

Agreed, and it didn’t work at all. Few trick plays here and there… but Hill is massively overrated. He’s a bit better than Tebow. lol

Gruden netted two 1st’s and a 2nd. That seems insane to me (although he got them a championship).

Any other coach trades, I can’t think of any.

Wonder what Payton will net?

Denver may have to trade Elway’s liver (medical science miracle) in lieu of actual draft picks they dont have anymore.

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Jets say “hold my beer”……

Jets traded Herm Edwards to KC… to win the the game…. in 2006 when Vermeil retired… again.

Jets traded for Parcells in 1997… and then…
Jets traded Belichick to Patriots in 2000 when Parcells resigned (but Belichick wanted full control and Parcells was still in charge of personnel).

Other teams……
Holmgren traded from Packers to Seahawks in 1999 so Holmgren could have full control.

Just because NO gave permission does not mean Payton is interested or that his price may be too high.

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If only they had some draft picks to trade. Than Payton will have nothing to work with. Why would he want to?

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OMG, how could I have forgotten those, now that you mention them, I remember them all.

I guess I’m just getting old.

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Robert Saleh was traded to the Jets, but the NFL paid the tab.