Stafford - AT&T commercial

The only reason i did not want the Rams and Stafford to win the Super Bowl was because I did not want to hear and see Stafford pop-off about his new team/success.

And that’s what we get with his new ATT commercial. A slight dig at his time as a Lions QB. And it was not a perfect 12 years. I point to each pick 6 and 3rd down fumble he made.

I feel 90% thought it was funny and took it as a mixture of compliment and joke.
…and others watch the same thing and get mad.

Just interesting


Also → it was preceded by this

All class, baby! Love you, brother Matt!


Cool, another Staffird troll thread to mute.


Literally the opposite of how most interpreted it, but OK.

Once again, as a Lions fan, be upset with upper management. The franchise you follow doesn’t consist of 53 dudes who magically appear on a field every Sunday. It’s assembled by a front office staff and ownership; and if the franchise had even remotely tried to do things the right way at any point since acquiring the team a million years ago, they would have lucked into a Super Bowl by now.

Blame them.

They’re the reason Barry, Calvin, and Matt all left.


Like the song says, Let it go…I think he’s proven his worth ( and the Lion’s ineptitude ) on a Super Bowl winning team.

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There has already been a thread about this and it’s not a dig at all. It’s actually classy. Move on.


It’s going to be okay. Matt is gone.
For those troublesome, painful commercials, I like to use the remote. I keep it beside me at all times. Nobody will ever hurt me again.
It works really good for “The View”. I don’t even bitch about them being wackjob, menopausal, hypocrites. I just grab the remote, and they no longer exist in my world.
It really does work.

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Commercials are complete white noise to me. Have I seen that at least hundred times? Probably, but I seriously just tune out commercials. If I’m watching tv, the commercials is a bathroom break, get something to eat, take the dog out, etc…

I can understand how some people find it annoying all the time but it’s no different than the incessant Aaron Rodgers State Farm commercials or essentially any car commercial, what have you…

Just advertising. I’m sure when they know it’s getting old they’ll change it up… or just re-up to have it played for another 6 months


We have already gone over this in 1,000 posts, but let me summarize. Some of us were fucking confused by the commercial, quite frankly. But in the end we realized the spirit that Stafford took the commercial to begin with. The premise of the commercial is that Stafford traded US in. Yes, Detroit frickin Lions fans. But despite the fact that our terrible organization nearly stripped him of his entire legacy, he is going out PUBLICLY and saying that he loved every minute of it and will never forget us…EVER.

I get it. The wording seems strange but once you digest all of it…its one of the coolest things ever. Its the kind of commercial you would expect out of Tom Brady winking at the Patriots. But as far as I can remember, Tom never did that. And when I think of QBs or players as high up on the food chain as Stafford, what he did in that commercial was unprecedented. Even when you can find a few examples of players who gave a nod to a former organization, you can’t find a single player who gave a nod to a shit organization like the Lions in such a public way.

So basically Stafford acknowledged Detriot in a way that no player in history has done…and people are still finding a way to bitch about it. Get over it and move on. I get it. You thought you were special in a person’s life, and they went on to marry someone else. Well…they fucking acknowledged you in their wedding! At some point its about YOU, not THEM.


Stafford literally bends over backwards to not dig Detroit AND SAYS SO OUT LOUD IN THE COMMERCIAL. You know who had creative control of that? STAFFORD. Why? How do I know?

  1. Stafford wouldnt have done the gig if it killed his Lion fan base. So, thats obvious.

  2. AT and T sells phones and service in Detroit! I’m guessing the writers room didn’t sound like this-

“Hey, let’s spend money on a celeb, and get him to lose as many subscribers in the old market as we might gain in the new one! PLUS, AT and T looks like snarky aholes to everyone else! Boys, we are getting promotions and raises on that one! WOOO!”

  1. I actually have an advertising degree. Not that I’ve used it. My classmate buddy used his though. 3 Clios (theyre like Oscars for ads). I asked him about this while he was shooting the Sonic commercials with celebs…and yeah, they get some creative leeway.

Now, lets see if you would be so gracious after 12 years of your employer setting you up to fail by behaving like a drunk monkey trying to fuck a watermelon, over and over and over.

The Lions organization was to such a level of dysfunction and self sabotage for those 12 years that they made Josh Gordon look like Peyton Manning in comparison. They were utterly completely inept, and clueless about it while they did it. They were the Russian Tank Brigade of professional sports…

And Matty serves up an homage as condition of making some coin.



I like that AT&T girl
She makes me feel like a dirty old man



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Stafford mentioned in the interview he had with Hutch predraft that the commercial was presented to him and he loved the idea. It didn’t sound like he had much to do with writing or coming up with it.

Point being, he did have input…and if he didn’t like it, he would have rejected it.
Subpoint - it honored Detroit and its fans.


Stafford would’ve retired a Lion with no Super Bowl rings and would’ve been relegated to calling out Lions draft picks every April if he wasn’t traded to the Rams. He stuck it out here with a completely inept organization for 12 years and to this day says nothing negative (even though he’s rumored to not like Patricia). His wife even jokes about him coming back here to play (and it’s interpreted in a nice way and not a dig at us at all). Stafford couldn’t have handled his departure any better. If he would’ve stayed we’d maybe be 6-11 last season and would’ve ended up with Thibs and a lesser draft haul and we’d be discussing Stafford’s pending retirement.


I’ve seen that video at least three times now and I can’t help, but get a little choked up every time. Stafford was not a perfect QB here, but I am damn proud that he was out QB for 12 years. He gave his heart and soul to this team and never threw anyway under the bus. Was as classy as it gets.


I feel the exact same way, man. It’s mind blowing to me that some guys dont/didn’t like him. He was easily franchise QB level talent, a great leader, and a quality human being.


already a thread on this? My bad. I even looked for it and couldn’t find it. Naturally I’m about as good at the computer as I was with the ladies in my younger years.


I just hope if Goff or another QB wins a Superbowl with the Lions a used phone shop runs an ad saying, ‘yeah I found this 12 year old phone and figured out how to use it. Works great. Wouldn’t trade it for the world’