Stafford in, Slay out


Not having Slay is gonna hurt. Can we keep up? I don’t think the Lions can win without blitzing, they gotta get in there on Mahomes quick or he’ll pick 'em apart.

Not real surprised about Stafford, that man is one tough SOB.

Amendola not playing either, yikes.

Damn, was hoping Hand was available.

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Anyone else get the feeling that Stafford will be unable to walk without a limp or cane or something within 10 years?

Yeah, let’s hope they’re all back for GB, I want that one BAD.

When you go on the IRETR, is it for 6 weeks or 6 games before you can practice with the team?


I see the other two backup QBs are also active. Usually one of 'em sits, right? So, unless this one is close, Stafford might get pulled.

Looking more like that +14 point loss I was fearing.

Not that you or I want to see a big loss, but when you get blown out it ought to re-orient your priorities and up your motivation. If I read these guys right, this ain’t your SOL regardless of what the final score is. So, if they lose today and it ain’t close, then in 2 weeks I expect to see a very determined Lions team show up at Lambeau.

How do you not get motivated to play probably the best team in the NFL?

Well, I think part of thier thinkingay bento rest them on this game as, we all said here already, this is the game to loose if any!

Goal, get out of this game with no setbacks for Stafford! Then get these guys ready for GB.

And win…

Dude, the GB Packers are NOT the best team in football, not even close. They may have the best QB, or one of the best, but the rest of that team ain’t that good. There’s a reason why they lost to Philly 4 days after we beat them at their place, and it wasn’t cuz we were that good.

Or major injuries to anyone else.

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Dude, dude, dude,
The Chiefs are the best team in the NFL. If you can’t get motivated to play the Chiefs, why are the Lions even in the league.
Who said anything about the Packers?

Remember when the schedule came out and saw a bye week in week 5. I was pissed!

Silly me…

Amendola played almost 3 full games without getting hurt. Must be a record for him

My earlier post was referring to their next game AT LAMBEAU, if they lose today’s game against KC and if it ain’t close. Your reading comprehension could stand some improvement.

Did he get hurt on the leaping catch?

Nope. Maybe your writing skills suck. This sure sounds like not being motivated to play against the Chiefs. If you get blown out, you surely weren’t motivated.