Stafford is struggling

Matthew Stafford completed 32-of-48 passes for 254 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception in the Rams’ 24-9, Week 4 loss to the 49ers Monday night.

Playing behind to the equivalent of a third-string offensive line, Stafford absorbed seven sacks for the second time this season and was under intense pressure much of the night. The Rams don’t have a downfield weapon with Van Jefferson (knee) hurt and Odell Beckham still a rehabbing free agent, so Stafford has resorted to peppering Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee with high-percentage targets in the short area of the field. He averaged a pitiful 5.3 YPA in this one and could have easily tossed three pick-sixes instead of just the one. On an attempted WR screen, 49ers rookie S Talanoa Hufanga easily read the play and jumped the route for the 52-yard touchdown return. Stafford now leads the league with six interceptions thrown and has now gone back-to-back games without a touchdown pass. This offense looks broken. Stafford will again be under big-time pass-rush heat next week against Dallas. He’s merely a QB2 for fantasy.

He is the 27th ranked QB in the NFL. Our boy Goff is sitting pretty at #3


Gotta wonder if Stafford is downplaying that elbow and McVay is turning a blind eye to it. Some of those throws tonight were shockingly bad.



I have been saying for awhile that it’s worse then they’re saying. I had an argument on here with someone about it. He looks off for sure.


The difference a year makes. The main difference is we protect Goff and we run the ball, the Rams are going to get Stafford killed pretty soon.


This is also a factor. That elbow + their O-line = bad news for the Rams.

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And Parsons is coming next week.

I tried to feel bad for him, but then I remembered the beans.


@Logy he got his championship. Now he has to get us ours. Or at least a good pick.


I think there’s something wrong too.
I’m with GodFather (@Nate ), Sit Matt and let him get healthy (give Detroit a top 10 pick), and come back next year healthy along with your buddy Odell Beckham Jr.


Next year we knock some folks out of the playoffs too!

The guy won a Superbowl, is filthy rich, lives in SoCal and has a beautiful family. Yeah, the “feel bad for Stafford” meter is broken.


I’ll give you the first two, but as a NorCal person I’m contractually obligated to say SoCal sucks, and to be honest I’m not really into beauty pageants.


Exactly. I say the same thing when people hate on Brady. My response is basically, “I’m sure Tom Brady is super bummed about your hate while he’s busy making love to his rich and super-supportive supermodel wife on a fat pile of cash while admiring his shiny rings and wearing a hat from his successful clothing line.”.

Like stop already. He won at life. There is no hate to be given.


Actually, I agree. Went to L.A. a few times and not all it’s cracked up to be. San Diego, on the other hand, best city I’ve ever been to.
Regardless, Stafford is living the life.


Ah gee…

giggles uncontrolably…

San Diego almost wins on the year-round weather alone. Spent six months there and you have to check the calendar because you never know. You could be thinking it’s March and it’s October.


Could be an article about last year if you substituted Goff for Stafford

Amazing how hard it is for any QB to play with hurt receivers and a battered Oline

Makes what our offense has done this year and Sunday all the more impressive


Or he’s the same inconsistent QB he’s always been. He’s had terrible stretches here too. In a few weeks he will probably look like an MVP again for a while


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