Stafford listed as questionable for Sunday (Hip)

Sorry to startle you, but you did read that right. It looks like he didn’t practice today, hip injury, listed as questionable for sunday’s game…what the?

I doubt he will miss this game, he is an iron Man, but quite interesting.

Here is the article

Didn’t see that comin’. Don’t understand how though, the QBs wear that red shirt for a reason. Accident at home, maybe?

I usually hate an early season bye week, but this may actually be coming at a great time for us.

Hopefully the refs will throw the flags this time after he throws his passes and then he is hit and shoved to the ground.


One wonders if this is some misguided Machiavellian attempt at misdirection. The odds of Stafford missing one of the Lions biggest regular season games in years seems nil.

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Accidents happen outside of field of play often. Dustin Johnson slipped and fell down stairs and couldn’t compete in the masters because of a back injury. Trevor Bauer couldn’t pitch in a playoff game because he cut his hand on a drone. Several hockey players I can remember have had knife injuries while cooking.

If it did happen at home well… it happens.

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This is the first I’d heard of it. Stafford was in the locker room after practice, didn’t notice a limp or anything. And I talked to David Blough, who said he and Jeff Driskel had been working on giving the defense looks at KC’s offense. If there’s panic at QB, they hid it well.



People I’ve talked to say they’d be shocked if Matthew Stafford didn’t start on Sunday. He tweaked the hip but it’s not expected to impact his availability against KC.

Ugh. He’s taken some nasty hits already this year. I just hope it isn’t something that lingers.

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Could be a “reverse cowboy” injury too. They don’t call in Daddford for nothing.

But yeah, almost zero chance he misses this game. And he’ll have 2 weeks to recover after this one. Hopefully they can keep him clean.

Otherwise, they are gonna really Blough this week.


He’s been surprisingly upright this season. What the hell? More input please…

Once he misses or is limited in practice, the organization pretty much has to list him as questionable if there’s even a hint of a reason. If you don’t, you can get into big trouble with the league if they find out about it. They got rid of the “probable” label, so guys who used to show up there are now showing up as questionable.

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Plus Pats style gamesmanship re: the injury list

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Well if Staf don’t play I take back my prediction lol

Oh well. I do hope he is fine come Sunday.

Hasn’t Tom Brady been listed as questionable for like 856 straight games?


Wow - I never heard of that. If true, that’s craziness.

Stafford played last season with a broken back, so I doubt a sore hip will keep him from playing.


Not particularly well though

As insanely tough as Kelly has proven to be, he’ll take a lot of sh!t at home if he doesn’t play

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A. nobody knew about his back during the season, Kelly had gotten diagnosed with a brain tumor, which I’m sure messed up Stafford’s train of thought-even in games, our starters were injured, still had a pretty useless Jim Cooter running the O , The defense started off Ice Cold, Matt Patricia was a first-time-ever NFL HC , amoungst other things I’m sure I’m forgetting. But look nobody is making excuses for Stafford I 2018, he was messy and it showed…all I’m saying is there was some outside forces hurting our season as well.

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