Stafford Mic’d up for Vikings game

Worth reading article. Reisman from POD speculates about if Stafford is hinting at leaving with how he is saying good bye and what not to players and coaches at the end of the video. :man_shrugging:t2:

Personally, think the video is just another example of his competitiveness.

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It may well be his last game as a lion but I don’t believe those conversations point to anything


Yeah, IMO, those conversations are probably had at the end of every season.


A lot of those people will not be back even if he is. Same as every year in the NFL.

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For good reason he has the respect of everyone there. No 9 should retire a Lion in 2032!


And if he doesn’t want to retire a Lion, what then?

If the Lions are headed in the right direction with a quality HC and OC for Stafford, he will want to win with the Lions.

And if he doesn’t want to be here?

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Respectfully then who cares?

If he bolts, you simply move on?

Not hard brother

Like getting dumped by your current gf. You choice to whine about it like a bitch or learn from it and simply accept and move on


I also don’t feel like the ending hinted at a good-bye…but who knows…

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It’s the point that the Lions should have some kind of a plan to progress away from Stafford. A realistic option at backup.

And you don’t think they do?

Uh, no. Not long term. Daniels is a nice stop gap. He is not a franchise qb.

Daniels is good enough to earn us top 3 draft picks


Man you’re reading too deep with the control here

Chase is a back up… that is all

This idea of a perfect backup plan isn’t tangible

Matt could be driving his car today on 75 and he killed in crash today… chase ain’t it

And more importantly this idea you have will happen only if it need to happen…

You nor I know what Matt plans are … and if he pulls a Luck then we will figure it out…

It’s like when the military ask me to make a response plan for post nuclear detonation… why plan for it?’

Paying Chase 5 mill per season to hold a clipboard and when he enters the game, he’s still awful. That dude has been ripping off nfl teams for over a decade.

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I was talking about having a realistic option to transition to. You know, after Stafford? To try to avoid the mess we experienced prior?

I get having a backup to groom. But if Stafford wants to stay in Detroit we will be going through more than one backup before he is ready to retire.

Please brother! We do and I don’t need proof to know it - it’s part of the normal process

And if we are smart and keep Bevell as HC or OV, he know QBs and hand picked Wilson… he already know who he like for a pick imho

Your worrying about thing that are not in our control…

And let play the game - if the ownership and leadership we pick doesn’t… yep we suck some more and still have a happy day!! :crazy_face:

I LOVE the mic’ed up videos, it shows our guys DO have good communication , they have eachother’s backs out there, Stafford thanks everybody for the hard work , Matt will certainly say “hey. my bad man that was on me.”
Stafford roots on the defensive players and calls out the poor calls…seems like he’s having fun out there as an old man. I like hearing responses from other players. all good.