Stafford streak 161 passes w/o an INT

The Lions PR Department reports:

Dating back to last season, @Lions QB Matthew Stafford has thrown 161 consecutive passes without an interception, the longest active streak in the @NFL.

This also marks the 6th time he’s had a streak of 150+ pass attempts without an interception.


He is so inaccurate :wink:

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Its true, not even guys on the other team can catch that shit!


Nice streak. Here are some other fun facts. Prescott started his career with 162 in a row. Pretty neat. Also, for those wondering, the record is 402 by Rodgers. Crazy.

Brady 358
Alex Smith 312
Kosar 308
Brees 305

Little ways to go.

Garbage time stats.

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You know what’s bound to happen now, right?

Does anyone know some voodoo to undo this jynx?


Yes. He will throw a slew of picks, then fans will blame it on Bevell. New OC. Rinse. Repeat. :slight_smile:

Bullshit, Im blaming Lions PR department.

Considering that the way to break a streak is to bring it up, why can’t Lions PR release a relevant statement like “Lions continue working on longest streak without a Super Bowl”


Instead of complimenting Stafford’s feat you find ways to diminish it by posting the best streaks in history. No mention that Stafford has had 150 throw streaks 6 times in his career.

You spent the time looking for the best passing streaks in history just to poo poo on Stafford’s streak. It’s clear what your motive was.

Every time a poster makes a positive thread about Stafford haters like yourself HATE.

I can’t see myself lasting very long in here without going all out attack mode and getting banned. I’m already sick of this place.

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Trolls do what trolls do :man_shrugging:


Uh. My very first words were “nice streak”. Which it is. Nice. I was curious how that stacked up to the record and found the other numbers. I just found them interesting, so I shared them. No need to get all sensitive. I honestly wondered how close he might be to the record. I had no clue if it was 200, 250, 300 or what. When I saw the 402 number, I was amazed. That doesn’t diminish Stafford’s streak at all, just puts it in perspective. The top 5 was listed, so I copied and pasted it. I also thought the Dak streak was neat, based on it being to start his career and was a similar number to Matt’s. Sorry I hurt your feelings.

The problem is we have the All Pro team of trolls in this forum. I quit another forum to avoid being exposed to those cretans. I suppose the next option is the ignore feature or to join the Reddit Lions forum.

If you’re trying to avoid trolls, reddit is not the place to retreat to :joy:

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If you think heading to reddit to avoid trolls is a good idea, you’re in for a big surprise. Its the internet man, just ignore the posters that annoy you. You dont have to let that stuff get to you.

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That’s too bad…I’ve never visited it. The Lions podcast always mentions it.

I thought the other Den, which just closed, was pretty good. I had Iggy and VLG on ignore. I had no issues with anyone else.


just put the dudes that annoy you most on “ignore”.
It doesn’t feel like honest conversation, when people want to tear down, no matter what happens. I’m not going to mention a single name, but some of these dudes, are trying to argue. People that MUST be right, are driven by significance. They literally link their opinions to their identity. We all do it in some areas of life. Some people need to vent and have something to bitch about. Maybe them coming here and doing this is keeping them from directing their anger toward their wife? Who knows? The thing is, it’s not healthy to take it personally. People just do what they do. If you pick up a puppy, he will lick your face. If you pick up a snake, he will bite you. People are the same. Just ignore them, or put them on ignore. Don’t let them interfere with your love of football, as that is YOUR problem that you are creating for yourself, at that point. Just have fun, while recognizing what a wasp does, knowing where the wasps nests are, and staying away from them. No biggie.

Difference in approaches of “why is he attacking me,” vs “Huh! Wonder why he’s so angry. Must suck to live your life like that.”

The majority of the time, people will give them the exact response they are looking for. Truth is, other peoples’ issues have nothing to do with us.


You aren’t obligated to read stuff. And if reading some other random dude’s opinion on Stafford really upsets you, then maybe you should ask yourself why it matters that much? It’s like power rankings, they really don’t matter in the big scheme of things.


YES! Truth!

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This is the absolute best post I’ve ever read (for this type of post)