Stafford to play tomorrow.....why?

Can someone who doesnt work at Allen Park tell me any benefit whatsover to playing Matt tomorrow? There is ZERO benefit to him playing, in fact, it could be detrimental, there is no logical upside.

  1. If the Lions/next GM wants to keep Stafford, then why in the f*$k play him and risk injury?! It’s really stupid.

  2. If the next GM wants to trade him, he’s an injury away from decimating his value…again, it’s stupid.

  3. IF they win, it will negatively effect draft position…again f*%king stupid.

Am I missing more?

Stuff like this is why the Lions are, and will always be the Lions, ie the armpit of the NFL…they will never change, because they never change.


It’s the lions. And I can’t see Stafford not wanting to play.


Be prepared for a Lions win happens every year.

He is the starting QB if hes able to play then he plays that’s how it works not sure what’s so hard to understand about that…lol


We all get it but there’s no point to it. The guy is definitely hobbled so why play him in a meaningless game.

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You should follow the Steelers. They are sitting their starting QB tomorrow.


Believe it or not Stafford loves playing football and if he’s not playing there’s simply NO reason to watch the Lions at all. That said, our defense will make sure that we lose, so I’m fine with it.


I’m assuming he’s playing because A.) he’s healthy enough to play and B.) he’s a professional. No one will admit it, but I guarantee if Stafford chose to sit this game out, people would say “he’s making millions and won’t play the last game? Trade him.” Or that he’s not a leader, he’s a bad teammate, etc. Whatever he does is wrong or isn’t good enough. I for one am glad he’s playing. Gives me a reason to watch.


So they can blow their draft position, duh.


Naturally it’s bc he isn’t competitive.


He’s playing tomorrow just to piss off all the Stafford haters.


I do commend Matthew’s commitment to this team and his toughness. The kid has a great deal of will to play when hurt…I just wish he could stay healthy anymore.


Dress me like Santa , I can play and take a hit too. Only thing is I don’t want any garbage wins like in 2018 and we end up in 8 th spot than 4 . No thanks

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WHY is anyone caring about this meaningless stupid game!!!

We are eliminated; we suck

I’m not watching as it has no playoff implications- why does anyone care!!!


8th spot? A win may take them to 12th.

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That’s my point…if he plays in a meaningless, zero-sum game tomorrow, and happens to get injured, even severely, then this org is dumber than I thought. He’s their #1 asset…everybody knows how tough and competive he is, he has nothing to prove.

Maybe he plays, they lose, and he doesnt get hurt…but you know how to guarantee he doesnt get hurt? Dont f(^king play him for no reason at all…it’s really, really stupid.

Are there no adults in the room in Allen Park?!


The only reason he’s playing is because Bevell thinks he can be the coach by kissing Staffords ass. There is no other logical reason

Sir I was talking about 2018

Imo the haters would want him to play…if he gets injured badly in a meanignless game, that just gives the next GM even more of a reason to draft his replacement…so have at it haters!

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Yes it’s clear that Stafford has the last say