Stafford “Wives” vs Stafford “Haters…..”

I love this place, but the Stafford and Goff shit has got me rethinking how I chose to spend my time lately…

There was a freaking Taylor Decker restructure thread that mentioned guys like Reiff and Backus, and naturally that turned into Stafford vs Goff somehow.

We have posts comparing pressure in the pocket, and one year Stafford was 2nd in the league and the next awful. Then a post about Goff being #8 in the league under pressure, then the next year he was BAD!!!

  • we’ve debated arm strength, leadership, accuracy, Calvin and Tate vs Woods and Kupp etc……

NEWSFLASH- Matt Stafford wanted to leave. Asked to leave…. Between you guys and me, HE ASKED OUT THE PRIOR YEAR…. That’s why the Bloomfield lake house went up for 6M- it wasn’t because they were suddenly worried about kids drowning in a lake, it’s because he was hoping to get Quinn to allow him to seek a trade…. HE WAS DONE LOSING, DONE GET KILLED…. And frankly - IM SURE HE WAS SICK OF HEARING HE WAS PART OF THE PROBLEM ON SPORTSTALK RADIO HERE IN DETROIT, AND EVEN QUESTIONED IN THIS FORUM BY MANY!!!

Stafford was never consistently considered a top 5-6 QB, maybe never once prior to moving to LA…. Clearly a start studded cast of weapons, a solid OL, and great D (that was peaking by the playoffs) was enough resources for Stafford to be a SB WINNER-

  1. Stafford is talented as hell

  2. Stafford is a great guy

  3. Stafford couldn’t win with shitty culture around him

  4. Stafford couldn’t win with inferior talent

  5. Stafford couldn’t win with bad coaching or scheme



  1. Goff is very talented as well (drafted #1 OA)

  2. Goff accomplished more in 5 years than most ever!

  3. Goff started losing weapons and OL in 18/19’

  4. Goff couldn’t win with inferior talent.

  5. Goff was the scapegoat after the team started losing talented pieces and replacing none, and was traded!

  6. Goff is here, came here to a worse situation (talent wise) than anything Stafford ever saw on offense. I’d say Kevin Smith, Grew, Northcutt, B Johnson, and CALVIN was better than what we had last year. I’d also say Delmas, Foote, Julian Peterson, Avril,
    J Hunter, Sims was similarly bad to what we had last year.


This ongoing debate is literally insane. I would venture to bet that 100% of the guys in this forum would prefer to have Stafford as the Lions QB for 2022 of the objective was winning 9 plus games. 100% would take Stafford if they had to bet the over on win total…

There is no debate…NONE! We would all take him, but it’s not happening. It is more likely we end up with Bryce Young, A Rodgers, or TB12 than seeing Stafford back here…. HE WANTED OUT- he didn’t make a sacrifice for us, HE DEMANDED OUT! Then he won a ring- good on him, but lusting over how good he could have been “here” is a lost cause.


I watched 12 years of Stafford being on of the highest paid QBs in the history of the league… every year, and us not winning. It’s not that Goff or anyone else would have done better, it’s just that Stafford didn’t work out here either…So in essence-

A) he wanted out
B) we didn’t win with him here
C) see options A and B


I was a psych major in college before falling into finance, and still remember a thing or two, but I will ask Natty to weigh in as our resident expert here……

  • The lions were not in the right place at the right time for Stafford. A bad GM, and inexperienced HCs who never played the game at a high level we’re trying to WIN BECAUSE OF A ROOKIE QB, NOT WIN WITH ONE!

Either way he’s DETROIT’S ex-wife/girlfriend now and many fans want to keep reminiscing over old pictures, play “anniversary mixed tapes,” and every time we get a little drunk we call and leave 5 messages- “just checking in…” STAFFORD MOVED ON- HE MARRIED AND HAS A BUNCH OF KIDS WITH HIS LA FANS….

  • Meet our rebound- his name is Jared Goff. He knew it was long odds when he showed up. He knew we were still hung up on Matt…. He was willing to look past our flaws though… no WRs, broken OL, shitty D… AND WE WONT STOP TALKING ABOUT OUR EX!!!

He’s embraced our city, brought his smoke show fiancé’ here, started giving back to the community, and at the end of the year he even won us a few games…. The rest of the roster loves him, and he seems pretty loyal- why not truly give him a chance?


What’s funny, it’s the “Stafford wives” that embrace Goff, and the Stafford haters, now hate Goff.
You don’t have to encourage the Stafford wives. It’s the same old haters doing what they do. We don’t have Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady, and even if we did, they’d find fault.


Stafford did something in his first year away from Detroit that some thought he would never be able to do.

I am in Nebraska for a fantasy football draft with buddies. All of them from Nebraska. None of them lions fans. To a man (11 guys) “stafford was the difference for the Rams” “that throw vs Brady and that no looker to Kupp…THAT’S what every qb dreams of but not every qb can do it” & “kupp didn’t make stafford, kupp was a nice possession receiver before stafford” “people really don’t hate on stafford do they??? Lord, he gave that city 12 years of his life and all and people hate on him??”

Are their points dogma? No, just some perspective to the conversation. Think we, ME included, overanalyzed him for years bc he was most years the only chance we had to win……

Love stafford. Big fan of Goff, want him to succeed. Stafford had the mic drop moment on this debate.


So, you decided to start another one because this one will resolve the matter.


THIS will be the thread that ends all other threads. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:
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Great insight!


Who is this Stafford guy. Is he bald?



The crazy part to me, is why is it a debate at all…?

Packers, Bucs, Chiefs, Bills, Chargers, Bengals…. possibly Broncos, who knows with Ravens.

That is the list of teams that likely wouldn’t agree to a straight up QB swap…. Bucs might even, but Brady did get them a ring and when the two teams played- Brady was missing half his team…

It just seems overly logical that Stafford is a better career QB than Goff….he’s more talented and has a ring -

Beating the horse seems strange though right?

The way these debates have played out, YOU’D THINK THE LIONS WANTED GOFF AS AN UPGRADE AND THREW STAFFORD AWAY… and he proved us wrong.

The organization has failed us, and it failed Stafford too. But these are new guys in charge, and they did right by him day one.

Hell they have done right by US too! Putting us on hard knocks gave us entertainment during a dead time of year…. They had a talentless team out there fighting last year. They were more fun to watch than the Mooch, Morningboner, or Fatty lions by far.


If Goff struggles this year, and Stafford decides he wants to “come home” and finish his career as a Lion, I’d bet our guys would take him back is all I’m saying.


Can’t help but wonder….

What if we win 10 games this year, and Goff throws 32 plus tds?

Stafford’s elbow bothers him and he misses a few games, throws 28 tds and Rams go 9-8 miss the playoffs

  • what would be the narrative next offseason?

He asked for a trade. He did not demand out. He sacrificed his entire career almost for an organization that couldn’t tie its shoes. This revamp should have been done in 2014, but anyway…

Why are we still talking about this…


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Hilarious, bro. I really enjoyed this part.

This too. LOL.

Yup - Matt was never in a good position to win. IF our 2nd place Defense had remained intact AND Best and Titus work out…that’s a different conversation.

We still didn’t have the professionals in the front offices though…children running the show (though not as incompetent as Patricia). Glad for Matt. Hope he gets one more, before we start our reign of terror in the NFC.
The balance of power is shifting, my brothers! The people of the north are coming!

BOOM! Loved it, bruh!

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#Not yet!
Super-handsome EVEN WITH hair though…so he’s doing alright man!

Okay asked…

The point is who cares? It’s done, he’s gone.

In a perfect world we’d have hired someone other than Mayhew, managed picks and contracts better, hired better coaches.

It’s history though-

Does anyone think Stafford wins more than 7 games with that roster here last year? He had better rosters than that here, and won 7 or less in 8 of 12 years.

So instead of purging a roster that is going in the right direction finally, in search of a shiny QB, why not embrace the ride?

Goff can win with talent- see 10 plus wins 3 of 4 years 17-20’

Stafford can’t win without talent- see Detroit.

If Goff goes 14-32 for 170 yards 1 td and 2 picks in week 1, I will be nervous for sure. But I’ve watched Stafford do that plenty of times too.

Jamo hasn’t played a snap yet
Chark hasn’t done a thing here yet
Swift hasn’t stayed healthy yet
Hock hasn’t stayed healthy yet

If those 4 each play 12 plus games and our OL stays healthy- we win 8-9 games and Goff looks good.

Of course he will look bad in some losses, so will Brady and Stafford. Allen had a stinker or 2 last year too

I love every single thing about this conversation. Hilarious.
Only one dude brought up Stafford’s handsomeness…thank you for that, brother @Martymcfly2017
Aside from that - you guys are doing great!

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This is a surprise?

it’s a natural reaction. The wives are upset Stafford is gone so human nature predisposes them to scorn his replacement

The Stafford doubters over the last decade become flabbergasted that every excuse made for Stafford over 12 years doesn’t remotely apply to Goff

Admittedly, the national narrative pumped by McVey didn’t help so it’s easy to write Goff off as a bridge QB or a bottom feeder.

But to those who want to see what he can do with a reasonably talented cast are a little stumped that the group who were a prodigious excuse factory for Stafford won’t hardly even acknowledge reasons for Goff struggling

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Am I the only guy here who thinks the handsome thing is getting a little old? As an ugly fuck bastard myself I don’t care how handsome a player is. When the helmet is on it doesn’t matter


Fox thing old
Handsome thing old
I’m getting old

Go have fun, my bro.

…I’ll wait for you to start sniping on “that’s what she said”

Humor is fun. I do not discriminate against the ugly ppl, BTW. Love you just as much as the rest of my brothers.

Wish some of these cats would think “negativity is getting old.”

If you are waiting for me to become a more serious poster and/or smart enough to come up with better humor…don’t hold your breath.
p.s. I am doing my best.

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Hey I still watch old Saturday Night Live episodes. Do we all still laugh at the church lady because it’s truly funny or do we because we have. we have been conditioned to laugh?