Stay or Go

Once this season is over there’s going to be turnover, sadly several of those who should go are going to still be here because of the dead cap they would create. Who stays, who goes…

These are the 2021 contracts. Now, there may be a serious move in cap space because of the pandemic but in general this gives you an idea of what it costs to move on.

OK I updated to 2021 but the link didn’t. upper left move the year to 2021 and then search.

almost 20% of the cap space in 1 player. eesh.

Good post, bro. I almost posted a similar topic. Lots of big questions around the future of players and direction. Hoping there is much better football mind than mine working on it…with a commitment to a great vision of kicking ass!

Damn near entire D?
Rest of WRs?
Lots and lots, and lots of work to do. These boys really created a mess of things.

The thing they left was actually a lot of money. We CAN afford Golladay and then some. Right now before we cut anyone we have less than $400,000 in dead cap space next year. You can get rid of Coleman or Trufant and it adds another $6 mill or so to dead cap but it also free’s up another $6 mill. You can cut Shelton and Williams and lose less than $3 million but you get back over $7 mill. Some people gonna have to step up their game.

Gotta see what the cap actually settles at. The floor was set at $175M. Best I could find, that was based in 20% attendance being allowed. That hasn’t happened.

If the cap drops even half way between the current to that floor, it makes moves much harder since you might already be trying to find a way to get back under.

Good to know about cap hits. I think adding D-L help drastically improves the secondary. How old is Coleman? I feel like he is a better player than most of the dudes in here think. It’s SO hard to evaluate our secondary when they have to cover for 7+ seconds on almost every play.

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If I was the new coach coming in I would tell Sheila, my plan is to cut every high priced vet on the team. We are doing a complete rebuild, year 1 is going to be a throwaway year. Trade Stafford, cut Flowers, Coleman, Trufant, and every other high priced FA that Quinn brought in.

Take the caps hits in year 1 since we shouldn’t be signing top tier FA’s anyway. Drafting well is obviously the key but you are starting from scratch with the cap in the near future to build your team.

Yes, this. Maximize your cap space to work with NOW. Blow it up and start fixing it NOW. Don’t run out the clock on bad contracts so 2022 is flush. Some clubs in 2021 if the cap is that low are going to have to cut real talent and you need the ammo to pick up the pieces.

The problem is that it costs more to cut some players than it does to keep them, so you are in a net loss without the ability to pay someone else.

Trey Flowers is $20 mill to keep and $31 mill to lose.
Vaitai is $10.4 to keep and $14.6 to lose.

I don’t want to use up $45 mill in cap space to get rid of $30 mill in contracts for players that we would still have to replace. I get your sense of urgency but I don’t see how this gets you ahead.

Keep all the rookie draft picks, they are cheap or guaranteed (Okudah). Gotta keep Flowers, Decker, Collins, Vaitai . . . virtually all their 2021 salary is guaranteed. Trufant either keep for $9.5M or cut and pay him another $3.5M in guaranteed salary. Keep Chase Daniel for $4.3M or cut and pay another $1.5M.

So, IMO, keep all rookies (if they are cut later, little impact). Keep Decker, Flowers, Collins, Vaitai and Chase Daniels. After that, it’s up to the GM.


We have a club option for Romeo so keep him. Jones, Amendola are gone. I’d like to keep Griffin as a specialist if it’s not too cost prohibitive. Extend Golladay. Fox is an ERFA so we’ll keep him of course. Prater? I’m okay either way. Same with Harmon. Kearse and Sanu I’d like back if cheap. Everyone else gets the boot.

Romeo’s contract for 2021 voids 5 days after Super Bowl. No club option.

Interesting. I guess Sportrac has it wrong.

Although I now see if you click on his name it says 2020 FA.

I like the idea of eating it with some players. Big V, for instance. If we are willing to eat the $$, what would a team be willing to give up in draft capital for a backup OG/OT?
Golliday, I’m undecided, but lean hard toward thinking we lose him.
Matt - depends on health. If they believe in his health, I’d keep him to mentor his replacement and cut the learning curve down for them.
I know there are other expensive dudes as well.
What are contracts on dudes like Ragland? Collins?
I know I’m gonna forget someone.
Can K.Johnson be a cheap, and weak insurance policy? What do we do about added depth behind Swift? Our FB is damn near worthless. There is a lot of fat that can be trimmed, for sure.

Whats your take on Stafford?

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You do it logically. You can’t cut Flowers, you cant cut Big Vagina, You can probably chop Trufant and a few others.

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I can find $14 million real quick chopping Trufant, Williams and Shelton. I would also cut Daniels for another $2.3 mill, no reason to keep him in a rebuild.

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Instead of cutting, can you trade and agree to eat money? Get a bunch of 2-6th round picks, instead of flat losing ppl for nothing?

Also, Trade 2021 pick to crap teams (likely to pick high) for 2022 picks?

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just because you gain a bunch of money, that doesn’t mean you just pay Golladay 20 million…he is not worth that 17? , 16 is much easier to swallow. 20 is overpaying for what he is and does.

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