Stefon Diggs to the Texans

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All joking aside, I think this will be good for the Bills actually. Diggs is a diva of the highest order and there just seemed to be something off with that team last season and I bet a lot had to do with his attitude. Plus they get that big contract off the books so they can fill out the rest of the roster over time.

All of these “massive” moves the Texans are making is giving me serious Philadelphia “dream team” season vibes. Team A gets close to Superbowl, Team A goes all out in Free Agency to sign/trade lots of highly thought of players. Team A falls flat on their face in the season.

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Wait why would the Bills trade him to a team they need to compete with?

Same reason we traded Hock

or the Bucs traded us CD3

Its a joke . When people said why would the eagles trade to the lions

Seems like the Bills were just done with his sideline antics… look at that dead cap cash they gotta eat.

“Financially, ESPN reports that this trade will not be processed as a post-June 1 designation. That means the Bills will incur just over a $31 million dead cap hit this year, which is the highest known dead money charge for a receiver in any season all-time.”

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That’s an expensive headache.

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espnbaby where are you

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Why would the Bills send a player they’re willing to eat $31 million in dead cap to their rival? That question answers itself doesn’t it?

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I’ll take turds for $31 million, Alex

Perhaps the Bills feel like trading an overpaid player is not very helpful to the team they are competing against…

much like Holmes thought when he was happy to send Hock to the Vikings… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I know that this means absolutely squat to most but I have him in a keeper league. :blush:

Perhaps, but Houston can win now.

True…. and….
We may not be able to say the same about Buffalo…

even before the Diggs trade.

Buffalo is definitely in a 1 year reset with tons of roster and staff moves. Its honestly what fans looking from a distance encourage teams to do rather than pile on whatever worked in the past and “kick the can down the road.” Cut bait, reset, reload…profit. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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You got Josh Allen and a defense you still got a chance


He was one of the best dynasty league picks I’ve ever had. The great part was it was an NFC North league, and the Viking fans couldn’t stand that he was on my team.

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The only thing that was hurt all of last season were his feelings. Problem is he likes to get all up in those feelings and then whine about it.

A guy mad about not getting targets coming to one of the most unselfish teams in the league with at least 5-6 other targets who will be getting balls? No thanks.

Goff doesn’t care what the name on the jersey says. Goff cares if you can get open and if you can catch. Plenty of guys on the Lions that fit that bill and maybe a couple more to come between now and camp.

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