Take your stand on Ramsey

I think everyone agrees that Ramsey is a great player, a great cornerback. I want to know where you stand. Do you wanna or don’t you?
My vote is no.
One reason only. He forced his way out in Jacksonville. What do we do if he decides to do the same thing here? My only reason.
I’d love to have him, (Ramsey)especially dealing with Slay next time around. Let’s hear it.

Yes because when both healthy it gives us the best 1-1b punch in football. Would be like what Denver had to win and go to SBs. The flexibility this D would then have is unreal.
No because of the cost to get him and extend him, and slay

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For one first rounder, maybe. Definitely not two! I do think he could be THE piece on defense, but, our backups played some very good ball today when it counted.

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Two first round players is too steep. I’d say no way. I’d consider a first if the injury to Slay seems significant. Otherwise I already like this stable of DBs

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Going to pass, this team needs a Khalil Mack type player more than a corner right now. Not to say he wouldn’t help, but we need someone to bring some pressure. If you can’t get to the QB at some point that receiver is going to get open.

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I’ve been beating the drum for Peterson or Ramsey since this past spring, and I would still love to see him paired with Slay.

I’d be willing to part with a first and third rd pick… or a first, fifth, and a player, probably a DB… or maybe a first and a 2021 second rd pick…

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Yes, I’d trade a 1 plus a 3 and change to get it done.

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I’m torn. I would trade a first for the player. That’s where I value him.

At the same time, if I’m going to invest a 1st in the defense, it’s going to be on someone that can collapse the pocket. How many sacks yesterday ~weren’t~ coverage sacks?

Let that sink in a second.

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The way this team has blown first round picks, I’d trade two firsts for Ramsey

For a 1st Rd pick, Owuriaye, and Reeves-Maybin, yes.

Well let’s think about this for a min. Is Ramsey better or equal to a first rounder? YES

IF we made it to the playoffs, would having Ramsey give us a better chance at getting to the dance? YES

Would having Ramsey make other positions better?YES

If all is YES, then is he Elite? YES

Then my answer is yes! I want him here, but not for 2 1st rounders. He is Elite, but not Barry Sanders Elite.

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Yes BUT did you see how close we were a lot of the time, like hand 6 inches away etc.? imagine another receiver you have to hesitate to throw to or their offense constantly having to dump it down to the 3rd/4th option. lots of things can happen underneath.

I dunno…lots of value in someone like that. I’m not sure what 1st round pick you could get that would have that value.

but it’d have to be a sign and trade. no rentals thank you.

Everything about Ramsey is good. We all know that. He’s a good corner and has been every day he’s been in the league. The problem here is the compensation his team wants. Two firsts. Even at that price he 's worth it with a five year deal. But that is not what we are getting. I hear a whole bunch of qualifying here. Do you want him or not? That means you accept the price in compensation and the salary and his current contract, not one you imagine you can snooker him into

As for overthecap.com, they have his contract being through 2020. So you get the balance of 2019 and 2020 for two first round picks and Ramsey can pull the same bs when he argues with someone in this organization. No, thank you.

Barry or Deion?

So then we trade him for two 1st round picks!

Yeah, I’m in. 24 years old, all pro, fits our scheme, better than Slay and 4 years younger.

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I say NO, but a lot depends on what the Jags will accept for him, AND how much money does Ramsey want to sign an extension. You can’t give away a couple of 1st round picks for a guy that is gone in a year or two, unless you’re that close to making it to the SB. Which we ain’t, despite the current record.

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No because of this:

The Jalen Ramsey trade market seems to have cooled. It’ll take a gutsy team to pay a huge price (two ones plus something, or a one and another pick and a good player) for a cornerback you’re likely to have on your team for 1.75 years. Keep hearing Ramsey will honor his contract and play out the fifth-year option, but then he wants to be a free agent. We’ll see if a team like Philadelphia gets desperate.

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If a team wanted to pony up the cash he’d take it. That’s all he wanted from the Jags, but they said they had no intention of extending him early…they were going to make him play out the remainder of his contract.

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Free, I just don’t think Ramsey wants to go into 2021 as an FA with no money coming in. He wants an extension NOW, with a bunch of guaranteed money, just like everyone else these days. Sooo, how much money would he get for that 5th year option and would it be enough to satisfy him to where he plays in 2020? I dunno.

AND, how much money would it take to sign the guy to an extension? $15-16 mil/yr? What’s Darius going to say when he hears that? And A’Shawn, Glasgow, and every other guy who is in their last contract year?

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