Tarik Skubal has arrived

Good point

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If we are looking to trade starting pitching for hitters who are close to major league ready, then Baltimore should definitely be the place to start looking.

I still think Olson is our best chip if they go this route. He’s putting up great numbers, and has a ton of team control left. He’s the guy that could net us a true difference maker, even if it’s a guy who isn’t quite ready yet.

Yep that’s why it makes a lot of sense for them to add pitching. The window is open now. No way they can keep all those guys in the future. Then again they have a bunch more top prospects in the minors. Whoever is scouting and drafting for them…wow

Baltimore makes sense rn for some extra bats, and they have a solid farm

Cubs also might be something to look at aswell

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I’d rather deal Flaherty than Olsen. Not sure I want to pay what he (Flaherty) will want, and Baltimore needs him now, I think we can get some good young bats for him.

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I agree.
Plus, you can resign Flaherty after the season if he wants to come back.

One last thing…
Don’t make the same mistake as last year w/Eduardo, and get the deal voided at the 12th hour although I doubt Flaherty has a no trade clause.


man that one hurt.

I would too, but you really aren’t going to get much in compensation for a rental, versus a guy with multiple years of control. If we trade anybody I want to get someone in return that can make a real difference.

Also, Batimore traded for Flaherty last year, and gave up 3 middling prospects for him. I’m not sure they would trade for him again, and I really don’t care about adding organizational depth.

I’m not necessarily in disagreement with you though. If we could land a top 50ish prospect for Flaherty I would be very happy.

I would rather keep as many of the young starters as possible, at least those not named Manning or Mize.

Chris is a cheap bastard.
Anyone with a brain would lock Skubal down. buuuut
If Olson keeps pitching the way he is, the Tigers still would have some really good arms. Plus if Jobe is ready.

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Don’t agree on him being cheap.
There is plenty of time to lock him down, Skubal had Tommy John in college let him pitch a few years before signing him to a big longer term contract.

Yes its a rental, but its a pretty good rental. It all depends on how needy the Orioles are. Sure, Olsoen MAY bring more back than Flaherty, but I’d like to keep Olsen for ourselves since our window may be open for 2-3 years while we have him under control. I’m not sure the difference for what Olsen would bring versus what Flaherty would bring would be all that different.

Good point about them trading for Flaherty last year, but if the compensation isn’t right, we don’t HAVE to deal him. There’s alot of other teams out there, too. Just don’t want to deal Olsen as he’s entering his prime.


I wanna see

  1. Scooby extended
  2. One of Mize or Manning++ traded to facilitate a bat (Thomas, Santander, Vlad Jr. etc) and open a slot for Jobe’s cuppa coffee in September and slot next year.
  3. Flaherty re-signed. 3/63 w mutual option and 3m buyout
  4. A Final Answer on Baez in the offseason.
  5. Jung up late if he is still banging.
  6. CF certainty.

Would I love Lou Bob for CF or Bichette for SS? Yessir! But Im not trading Jobe, so…


It’s been a bit since I checked but Meadows was doing well in Toledo, or at least doing ok. Just not sure if he is a AAAA player or nothing more than defensive specialist which means he doesn’t fit in the Tiger’s plans.

yeah, he was painful to watch earlier this year. I"m not really expecting much.

I’m waiting for Mize to turn it around. If we deal him, I hope it doesn’t turn into a Smoltz-like impatient move all over again.

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You aren’t getting much for either of those guys. Definitely not any of the guys you mentioned. Mize and Manning will never be better than a #3 IMO.

Oh yeah, its package time there. Hence ++, like Madden and JHM or Flores and Bigbie.

Any group of 3 would easily pull Santander, have a shot at Thomas and be a base for Vlad to add to


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Also the deal with either Manning or Mize is years of control remaining. This is where AA effed up with holding Fulmer too long.

Mize is 27 and a trade partner would get this and 2 more years, Manning is 26 and would offer this and 3 more years. That time is valuable, because there is still meat on the bone,developmental time wise for both

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That is a great post my friend. I agree with all of it.

The Fulmer reference is the perfect example.