Team that can trade Geoff right now?

A team like colts can take Geoff ?


I’d be ok with literally any pick for Goff. That essentially means we got 2 1sts, a 3rd, and whatever else for Stafford.

If we can unload that money will be great . Injuries happens in nfl , even in middle of season it’s possible to trade , hopefully before trade deadline

What exactly is so toxic about Goff’s contract?

In a time when franchise QBs are getting paid 30M+ and inching towards 35M APY, Goff’s contract seems pretty darn reasonable to me.


Better option is let him try to rebuild some value and trade him with a better contract less guaranteed next year


Agree… I have trouble believing he wouldn’t be the #2 or at worst #3 qb in this class if he were in it.

4700 yards and 40 plus tds with 65% completions and 9 ypa… ideal size, accurate.

He’s not Mahomes. Not Watson.

He’s probably a pretty comparable to Baker, Matt Ryan type production, with wins.

The weird reaction by some is rooted in not getting the 1sts this year I bet

Yesterday we had Stafford, 23M cap hit, and #7 overall.

Trading him to say Colts would have given us 1st and 2nd this year and freed up 14M. Granted that 14m wouldn’t pay for a guy like Goff- so we’d be taking a qb at 7? 50/50 gamble.

So we don’t get a top pick, only a 3rd this year, don’t get cap money and downgrade at QB

This was always gonna be a 4-12 or 5-11 at best 2021…

When we can move Goff next year, and have 2 firsts it will make sense to everyone.


I can’t figure this out. Trade an asset at its lowest level and have the man in the moon play qb?

That’s what I’ve been getting at. I do get the guaranteed money aspect but it’s only two years. If he plays well he’d have a 3 year 76.5m deal after ‘21. If he plays like 2019/20 Goff it’s a bad deal. But if so there’s only 15m left to worry about in ‘22. You could probably figure that out. The contract is workable. I’d prefer we not structure it and go cheap this year. Align a good cap structure with the tears with multiple firsts.

And then we can just stroll down to Toys R Us and pick up another 26 year old 2 time Pro Bowl QB.


Exactly. These guys don’t grow on trees. You gotta buy them at the toy store!!! :slight_smile:

Pro bowls are such an overrated stat. Stafford threw for 5000 yards and didn’t make it.


It’s whether or not you think he’s going to rebuild any value after the upcoming season, or just cement what many already suspect. His trade value might be at the current high, not that it’s saying much. Also with how many QB needy teams out there right now the likelihood of that happening next year as well is probably decreased. Sure, it could work out that way. But with an obvious rebuild going on let’s just skip the bandaid and go straight into it. The Tigers tried to put bandaids on for a couple of seasons instead of doing what needed to be done. All it did was extend the length of irrelevance.

If he ruins his value he helps the tank, if he rehabs his value he can help the rebuild through trade or becoming our qb… I don’t see a negative result? A 27 year old mid-level qb would be the “bad” and that upgrades his value unless you can inform me otherwise


I guess I just don’t get the logic on having him on the team to tank if he could fetch draft capital now for the rebuild. If you trade him now and get a 3rd or something then it’s a couple of extra pieces. If he falls flat in his face then you can kiss the compensatory pick good bye. If he does well then you either lose him and get a 3rd pick that you could have had 3-4 years earlier, or worse sign him to a long term extension and put us in cap hell. A good majority of these teams that have won in the last few years have done so on rookie contracts with their QB when they have the flexibility to surround them with talent. Excluding Tom Brady who has made far less then he could have throughout his career. But Seattle did it, Kansas City did it(will see how that works out for them when Maholmes 2nd contract goes into effect). It’s that second QB contract that hamstrings a lot of teams. You get a nice little window with that rookie contract if you’re capable of identifying and drafting a capable QB. We have Dorsey in the building who has done just that on several occasions, why wouldn’t we go that route?

In all honesty I don’t disagree with you and have been saying since the trade i don’t think you bring in Dorset unless you are looking to draft a qb this year or next at a bare minimum. My only point is if people feel you “can’t trade” goff this off-season there isn’t really much harm in holding for one or two years and letting his contract and play improve the perception for the reasons I stated.

Let’s just hope we end up getting it right this time. I’d like to at least see 2 playoff wins in my lifetime.

don’t think we trade goff he has the potential to be top 10 qb. There may have been some things going on between him and the coach. He did play pretty good in playoffs even after having surgery on his hand week before.

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How about Goff has won twice as many playoff games as the Lions have since 1957.


I’m not against trading Goff, but don’t see it happening. I think they’re giving him a 1 year tryout to be our starting QB.