Thanksgiving game day thread

No Trubisky, no MJones or Kerryon. Let’s get ready for sloppy, bad football!

No Teez Tabor maybe it’s his wake up call

Can only hope so.

I’m excited to see more of Ellington in the offense today. Rewatched the Panthers game and he was more than solid.

Prediction: Ellington will have more catches and more yards than Kenny, today.

And more than Tate :wink:

Barry Barry Barry!

This seems like a real gut-check type of game…let’s hope it’s an enjoyable one!

Stop Howard and Cohen and we can win this.

Pears win the toss, defer.

I’m not even American and I’m loving this Anthem.

Well, 2.3 yards per carry it is.

Was that really the first look on a 3rd and 4?

Need 4 and throw a 1 Yard pass. Great play. Maybe next drive we can throw a 2 yard pass.

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Needed that 3 and out…was waiting for the back-up to torch us like years past.

Daniel is not that great of a QB but he can make some plays. I watched him here in KC behind Smith. This game should be somewhat of a defensive stalemate. At least early on. We cannot give the Chicago defense any points

There you go. Back to normal.

He’ll be back to .01 soon.

Thinking ZZ may see some O time before too long

If they haven’t figured it out in 10 games, I doubt they’ll figure it out today.

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