The 6-8 Falcons are very beatable

The Falcons are 0-5 at home (beat the Jets in London)

Wins–over NYG 17-14 on the road, over NYJ 27-20 In London, over Miami 30-28 on the road, at Jacksonville 21-14, at Carolina 29-21. The only signature win was over the Saints 27-25 on the road.

Their losses? Mostly blowouts.

Eagles 32 Falcons 6
Bucs 48 Falcons 25
Dallas 43 Falcons 3
Pats 25 Falcons 0
Bucs 30 Falcons 17
49ers 31 Falcons 13

They also lost two close ones at home

WFT 34 Falcons 30
Car 19 Falcons 13

They’re 27th in rushing defense.

Depending on Goff’s status, ATL has a pretty piss poor defense. The Lions should be able to score points on them if they execute well.

As long as they play well on defense, they should get another W. One on the road no less.


They’ve mostly squeaked out wins over other teams with losing records or got blown out by good teams.

If Goff is healthy and able to play, I like the Lions chances.

Agree 100%. If they put together a game plan like last week on defense, look out. :eyes:

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Atlanta is 32nd overall team DVOA.


Without Goff I just don’t see it though. Boyle was pathetic when he played. If Goff does play though I would give the lions a very slight edge. Atlanta has Patterson and Pitts on offense and AJ Terrell on defense. There really isn’t much else.

Agree, if Goff’s out, it’s a loss.

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Atlanta’s fanbase watching their defense this year…

Confused Season 1 GIF by NETFLIX


Swift has to be salivating at coming back this game.

Make no mistake…he will light it up in his return to Georgia.

I don’t think it’s going to matter who the QB is. If Goff plays…it’s a blowout. If he doesn’t…we win a close one.

I don’t think there is any way in hell they slow down our run game.

The only question is can we contain Patterson.

And no…I won’t be putting money on this :slight_smile:

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It only took 5 teams and like 8 years, but someone finally found a use for him. lol


A deeper dive into the game:

If we get Goff back from the sniffles list, we win!


Matt Ryan has been awful this year too. 18 TDs to 11 INTs. They need to start looking for the future at QB.

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In fairness to Ryan, It doesn’t help when they trade your best WR away in the offseason in Jones, and then your other good WR Ridley is sitting out for personal reasons.

He’s got rookie Kyle Pitts and that’s about it. Who the Lions need to double team every play.


That’s the alpha and the omega. What else do you need?

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Haha I really like Pitts. He’s gonna have a 1000 yard rookie season. Gotta give the dude credit.

He’s not really a tight end, but he’s listed as one and has a good chance to set the record for the most yards ever by a rookie TE @ 21 years old.

Kyle Pitts has a chance at breaking Mike Ditka's record for receiving yards by a rookie tight end - ProFootballTalk.

True dat. I forgot about Ridley.

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I heard that once an extremely venomous snake bit Kyle Pitts. After 3 long, agonizing, pain filled miserable days, the snake finally died.


This is kind of where I’m at.

I think it’s almost impossible that Boyle wouldn’t be asked to make some throws to keep their defense off balance alignment wise but they can’t stop our running game enough.

If it is Goff we win.

If it’s Boyle then we will score enough points for our defense to do their thing again. I trust Aaron Glenn to be able to come up with a gameplan.

We can score 14 by running the ball and 6 from Patterson. Can we hold them under 20? I like our chances.

But if Goff plays we’ll score 30 again and they really can’t score 30 on our defense.

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