The lengthy debate about Josh Reynolds has been resolved this season

Several of us, including yours truly, thought Reynolds wasn’t and couldn’t be a deep threat.

Yet, here he is, tied for third in the NFL (with Dallas Goedert & Nico Collins), just behind Tyreek Hill and Justin Jefferson [who both have 8 big play catches, i.e. 20+ yards], with 7:

It’s just one less than his career high of 8 from 2019-2020.

A bright spot in an otherwise dismal start to the season.

And, he’s under contract for 2023 at a below market rate:


Something positive doesn’t generate much response. :slightly_smiling_face: No surprise after that disaster.


I hope it’s sustainable but I doubt it. He’s surprised me with a few of his catches. The deep ball last game and his TD the other day…

I think he’s a decent #2 inbetween Jamo and ARSB. I think we can draft and develop behind him and not miss much.

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I still think his nickname should be “The Night Stalker”


All 7 of thise catches are 31 yards or less….
so his longest catch of the year is tied for 96th in the NFL.

His career long is only 40 yards.

He is a nice intermediate target…
but not gonna back up safeties with his speed.

He’s a decent player that we happened to get for a song. Great signing but probably best as a number 4. I still think we desperately need a catch radius monster like Rashee Rice for when you absolutely need to convert.