The lions lose

The lions lost this game its because of their redzone offense and missed opportunities like kerryon inexplicably dropping the ball or tj dropping the ball in the endzone, 12 guys on the field, etc.

They couldn’t finish drives and left a lot of plays out on the field.

The refs didn’t help for sure today. They were complete fn garbage, as usual. But it was the reasons above that caused them to lose.

Green bay gave the lions every opportunity and they failed to take average of those opportunities. It’s a familiar story.

Frustrating loss. It doesn’t get easier… seeing tough games you’ve seen many times.

It’s a long season. The lions need a winning streak or the window will close quickly.


How can you just gloss over the refs mistakes??? Those were egregious calls.

The first should have given the lions the ball up by 9 with less than 10 minutes to play but instead led to the GB TD.

The second should have give the lions the ball with almost 2 minutes and needing a FG to win the game.

These are league changing mistakes like the non PI call in last years playoffs. Why in the hell is that penalty not reviewable???


I don’t gloss over them. They were garbage. Awful. Terrible. Ridiculous.

Still. If the lions cleaned up the little things they win by 2 scores. They beat themselves with those little things.

Always those little things.


Kerryon has been a HUGE disappointment. You don’t win with field goals. And again, KJ SUCKS right now.

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They lost because the NFL wanted their golden boy Rogers to look great… how many phantom calls on key plays need to go against you before you give up hope… complete and utter BS again… and again… and again…


Yeah, I’d normally say, “Hey, we blew it.” But you can only gift the best QB in football only so many second chances.

How many steps does he have to take for it to be a catch 20? He had 3 steps before the ball sliped out.

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Right. But if the lions do their job and finish plays they’d of won by 10 points, right?

So why not just finish plays and win so this phantom shit doesn’t always haunt them?


Not going to win many in GB kicking 5 FGs. It’s that simple.

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Because he enjoys having the Lions lose. He doesn’t say shit when they win

I love when the lions win and am frustrated when they lose.

This one is really frustrating.

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I didnt have cable for years and usually watch the games with my Grandpa. But he is going south this winter. So i just got cable.

I really feel the urge the bring it back. Im not charged until November 11th.

But how about 6? We would at least have had another if the PI was called.

Lions wouldn’t have gave up 7 if they didn’t have 12 men on the field on a 4th and 5.

Ugh… it’s sickening listening to the media blow Rodgers for this “win”

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Correct. Gave them 4 points there. Can’t blame that on the refs.

Not ESPN…they have been solidly calling out the officiating.

ARog is great…maybe the QB GOAT. ARog + 4 Huge Gifts from the NFL is all but unbeatable

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Terrible comeback. The call was made, correctly, and GB got the benefit they deserved. Us . . . ? ? ? Not so much!

I hate FGs more then any person in the world, but those calls cost us the game. There is picture of the GB player using hands to the face.