The Plan...Long term

The Future of The Lions

Brad is drafting well, and landing starting caliber dudes, even in mid-late rounds.
This trend will continue.
As we start to get more good players than we can possibly employ on one NFL roster, we will begin to package players and picks to move up in the draft, and have better access to target specific players (and/or positions) even though we get later picks.

We will have extreme versatility, in that we can draft BPA, because we have solid, good, even great units (The great ones will be the OL and DL), both in terms of depth and talent.

I can see us trading picks for future picks, to get higher in the draft, if Brad doesn’t see the right upgrade to the roster. Trade our first #26 overall, for a 2nd a 3rd, and next year’s first? Stuff like that. Following year take the first we got from the Packers #12 Overall, package it with our pick, which is #30 overall, and move up to get the best DT in the draft. Stuff like that.

We will continue to emphasize the trenches on both sides of the ball, and go BPA with playmakers beyond that.
I do believe we will be positioned to get whatever we need, even QB, if need be.

Loving Brad.
Loving Dan.
Loving Sheila.

Go Lions!


As the talent level grows, our depth becomes better as well.
In the perfect world scenario, Brad continues to add talent, it becomes more difficult for the later picks to get added to the roster.
I hate to say this, but the BEANZ will start to lose there magic.
What will the Den do?


You just earned a down vote buddy.:-1:


I see good players leaving in free agency and having a young cheaper guy ready to take his place causing lions to get more beans for losing said players… turn that roster


I’d say it’s not just an improvement of the roster, I think it’s an improvement in the way we handle our day to day business as well. From Shelia down to Brad to all of the coaches, all of these people are focused on turning this organization into one of the best in the NFL. Detroit is going to be a very attractive place to go for players because of the way they will be “handled” here. It starts from the top and I think it’s crystal clear what is happening inside Allen park right now. Winning starts off the field.


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Solid depth and an overall talented roster is what helps you manage the cap and further a team.

When you have a player you can afford to lose at one position, gain assets to help fortify another… it’s a great thing.

All of that takes time. But you have to start somewhere. On paper, the overall talent on the team is better than it was last year.

It’s a start.

My impossible dream for the Lions…

For them to start a draft with 7 total picks but only come away with three players, all other picks traded away. Either towards moving up or for future picks. They have such a solid roster, they were able to target specific players and go get them. Our GM becomes know as The Great Trader Brad.

The best part, fans no longer give a damn about magic beanz. Everything is working. Team is winning. We are saved.


The reality is everybody can’t get paid and you have to build around a core group of guys. The rest the team is like interchangeable parts i.e. plug and play


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…unlike Packer Fans!!!

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Yup - keep the core dudes, upgrading through the draft. (rooks are the cheaper “plug and play”)

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Beans and players will get packaged together, in order to to acquire super-beans (improve the role players at affordable rookie rates). The Den will get less critical as we begin to whip more and more ass.

If we ever get to that point, that means we are winning consistently, so I’ll take it. Package up them beans and trade them for stars like the Rams did. We have a long ways to go before then.


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Yup → love it. This will quickly become one fo the winningest, most classy, most fun places to be, from front offices to players, to custodial crew.

Exactly, bro. it’s coming.

Yup! We start winning this season, man.

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Sounds a lot like Belichik drafts from back in the day. :+1:t3:

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You do know that every team has a 20% turn over almost every year. Many teams its higher.

thats 20 players off a 53 an lets say PS
Beanz never lose value Can’t pay every player or keep every player.
Thats been problem in past over paying wrong players . You keep the producers if you can an let them walk if they want more than they are worth.

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3-4 starters if you count ST’s & sub packages.
Most of the roster turn is from the bottom of the roster.

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…and it gets harder to make the team on our well developed roster. Instead of letting them walk…we TRADE. :wink:
Compiling beans (turnover rate happens with better dudes this way)
As we get more stupid beans, we can trade lots of late first, late 2nd, late ____ round beans for higher round beans. Better players = less turnover, however…when your guys leave, you trade them, instead of letting them walk.

This way, when we replace a vet with a rook, for financial purposes (you can’t pay everyone), you replace them with a better player. Keep as many of your own as you can, and snipe targeted players of need as you can.

Long term, you keep your “affordable players” as higher tier talent. This keeps the bottom of the roster more competitive, while retaining top tier guys.

The Rams didn’t wait to start making moves. They were coming off of a 4-12 season into the first year of the new regime…and traded a 2nd round pick for a player immediately. If we traded a high pick right now for a player we would be showing restraint from how the Rams built their roster.