The plan with the 2 1st round picks after 2 weeks

So we’re sitting with the 13th pick from the Rams and the 20th picks right now after 2 weeks, and have 2 weeks worth of film. So not that it matters, but I’m just curious. What would you do with those picks? Would you package them to move up to get an impact defensive player like Will Anderson or Jalen Carter? Do you move up a smidge from 13 to try and get one of the Clemson guys? Do you sit tight and take the best available defensive players? Do you take a QB?

I’ll link here the Tankathon board because I know there’s some of us who aren’t super familiar with how the class stacks up this year positionally.

Personally, I’d move up, because I don’t think there’s anyone at a position of need for us that can impact the game the way the guys at the top can. If we got Will Anderson or Jalen Carter, that would change the game for us in so many ways. We see that with Hutchinson.

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@HSVLion personally I would stay put. We need difference makers and we have shown we can draft them from anywhere except the second round.

I would be in favor of combining our second round pick with either of our firsts (but not both) to move up or down the the third. But that is only out of superstition.

Edit: I would not have been upset with Likely, Lloyd, Pickett, or other players who went later and could have been valuable to us in this draft for example.


If all in with Goff stay put & draft

If not all in with Goff look to make a big move


Also, I have to wonder if our 1st round might include a WR since Chark is probably gone after this year. If we can somehow end up with Jordan Addison from USC, then we will score 50 a game next year with Goff.

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Need another DT! And possibly a corner to replace AO, if he gets too expensive.

The offense is pretty set for next year, unless Goff fails, but I think he’s going to play decent at least. The whole offense will be back next year, minus maybe Chark.


As of now definitely DT and CB.


Possibly a SAF as well or a stud LB to replace Anazalone.


It’s way too early to tell. There will be plenty of change in the top 20 prospects as the college season plays out - maybe not in the top 5, but after - and our needs will continue to be fluid as the year goes along.

What if Taylor balls out at DT, or Levi comes back and shocks us all? What if Okudah just keeps getting better and better? I personally don’t think you can have enough CBs but you can push it back to the 2nd or 3rd round if he improves. Do we keep Goff?

Still so much up in the air. Any answer we give right now will be for this specific moment in time but the draft isn’t until April.


We already got Barnes… :slight_smile:




Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense


Wlll Anderson or Sewell’s little brother would be nice.


DT is my thinking at the moment.
Goff will never be a superstar but if the running game stays the same then they will always be in games providing the defense can make a few stops.
I was at the Philly game and the DTs for Philly were a force at times. The Lions needed to blitz to make something happen.

Again, still early in the season but the offense has scored over 30 points a game and that’s not bad.


BPA, leaning towards defense. Even if it’s a DE. Fresh guys who can wreak havoc, me like the sound of that.

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As of right now…. A run stopping huge dt and a sideline to sideline lb. Or perhaps a safety that can cover tight ends.


I think with St Brown and Jamo top of the depth chart they will be happy enough throwing darts at day 3 picks and prove it FA deals to round out the room as there are far more glaring needs.

I think D line and secondary are huge needs and in the medium term QB, that is where our two firsts and second rounder need to go next year. Will be interesting to see how Rodrigues holds up as his level of play for a sixth rounder really speeds up this teams development.

With St Brown in 2021 and Rodrigues in 2022 we have found what look like two difference makers on day three of the draft. If we could find an above average starting guard, d lineman or safety on day three next year it would be huge for the medium term building of this team.


Without a doubt, DT and LB.

Of course, trades and free agency could impact.


Possible they move on from Vatai as well, especially if the OL works well without him.

I agree w/your assessment. Very possible.

DT, if you think he’s good enough, move up to get him.

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I love the idea of

Hutch/C Harris

  • D PAYNE/Levi

I think you can move that DL around and get REALLY BIG- in goal line you could rock Rookie, Buggs, Commish, Paschal and even stand Hutch up at SLB and be BIG…

You can shrink down to Hutch, Paschal, Commish, and Harris in Nascar and have all sub 4.8 guys on the DL…

I like Barnes, Board, and Rodrigo all being here next year, and if we can get Board for 2 years and 6MM that would be great…

I’m sorry but DT is such a high bust rate position in my opinion… Jalen Carter, Breese, Roy combined for like 6 sacks last year… Payne had 4.5 in the NFL and currently has 2 in 2 games this year. He’s 25 years old, and he bats down balls…

He’s a nearly 9 RAS guy who had a similar 10 yd to Amon Ra, and similar 40 to Paschal at 320 pounds…


  • tough to run on that… bring in C Harris, Cominsky, Levi or whoever to increase the rush?


  • N Sewell/Barnes

Having N Sewell, Rodrigo, Barnes, and potentially bringing back C Board would give us a nice blend of size, thump, coverage and rush backers at 8MM combined APY

Okudah/- PORTER JR

  • re-sign AO and Hughes sooner than later, and I don’t think AO will break the bank honestly- maybe 3 years and 30MM tops… Having Okudah, AO, Hughes, Jacobs, Lucas back by re-signing Hughes and AO (2 yrs 6M and 3 years 30M respectively) would give us an batch of CBs with 2-3 years left each… DRAFT ONE IN ROUND 2- Joey Porter Jr?

Brandon Joseph/K Joseph

Draft Jordan Battle or Brandon Joseph with the Rams pick (whoever the top safety is) to compete with Joseph and pair with T Walker…

Having Walker for 2 years, Iffy for 2 years, K Joseph for 3 years and “ROOKIE J Battle/B Joseph” for 4 years is a nice balance and about 14MM total APY at safety while having all 4 guys for 2-4 years!

Hutch/C Harris/J Okwara
McNeill/Buggs/D Taylor
D Payne/Levi

Rodrigo/C Board/cheap FA
N Sewell/ D Barnes

AO/Joey Porter Jr
Hughes/C Lucas

B Joseph/K Joseph
T Walker/Iffy

  • So we are signing D Payne (4 yrs 68MM)… AO (3 years 30MM) Comminsky (3 years 9M) … C Board (2 years 6M) … M Hughes (2 years 6.5M)

That would be about 25M in years one hits…

We save 7.5M on Okwara and about 10MM from Brockers… thus saving us 17.5M - so we’d need about 7.5MM total to cover filling in the defense… plus 9M rookie allocations so about 16.5MM and right now we have around 20MM so not bad?

That has us spending our 1st rounders on LB, S, and CB- I just like D Payne better than any DT not name J Carter and even then his stats continue to elude the stats sheet? He will either go top 5, or fall for a reason… Give me Payne in his 4 year prime please- he will have 8 sacks this year for sure


J Jackson (4 years extension backloaded)/Skipper
— rookie 3rd round RG

Goff/Nate Sudfeld/ Rookie 6th rounder

Swift/Netflix/Jackson/Rookie 5th rounder

Jamo/ASB/Reynolds/Rookie 4th rounder/Raymond/Cephus


I am extending Swift and J Jackson… CUTTING BIG V… re-signing E Brown, Skipper, and Nelson along the OL…

Draft- 3rd -RG… 4th- WR… 5th- RB… 6th- QB

The extension won’t affect cap much- the re-signs are all really cheap-

We have the money do sign Chark if we choose…


So basically spend big on D Payne… Bring back most of our guys… Go BALLS OUT- at LB and in the secondary… fill in OG, WR, RB in the mid rounds…

I love N Sewell- and I love the S and CB depth from #22-50 approximately…

That puts us in 2024 draft needing OT, CB, TE, WR…

I love the way the rebuild and reload is shaping up.