The way too early 2023 mock draft thread

Sign me up for this draft after this weeks results. Defense would be vastly improved with a few more playmakers. Got a stud te and rb to add to the room.

How in tarnation are you getting Anderson at 7th overall?!? Sim is broken.


He’s slipped on a lot of more recent mocks as his 2022 production hasn’t been as good as 2021.

That’s ok, the sim compensated by selecting Sewell at 11.


Does anyone think that drafting second Sewell maybe gives us the inside track of keeping #58 happy and wanting to stay here long term?

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Are we sure that they would actually want to be on the same NFL team ??

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Fair point…seems like a close family from what I have seen.

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If they end up with those 2 picks, there is a real chance they package them to move up if they have a shot at a top QB.

When we had this same thread 2 years ago I said the exact same thing about Penei Sewell, and look what happened.

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Sewell may not even go in the first, he will be LUCKY to have HALF the production he had last season.

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I do believe if you think a QB is your guy, you do what it takes to land him. That being said, we have Goff under contract for 2 more years. And going from 7th to 1OA is going to cost a ton. I think the staff is content with Goff, but would like to add a potential replacement. So the urgency is not yet there. I don’t think QB1 is in play for Detroit. But if one fell that they liked in the right spot, we would take one.

But I think BH is smart enough to know that this team needs a lot of help. And surrendering a huge amount of capital is counterproductive in building a legit team. A trade up at some point in the draft may happen, but I don’t think it’s one that sees us giving up the capital it takes to get to pick 1 or 2. Maybe a pick in the 15~ range and a QB slides to say 10th/11th, we could use the Vikings pick to move up. Or if a QB slides to the end of round 1, using both 2nds to jump back in to round 1 (probably the best option with our 2nd round history).

Can we imagine a draft where we get 2 NFL starting defenders and then a QB like Levis at the end of round 1? That would be ideal for this current team IMO. But my opinion changes on this subject weekly so I may hate it in a month :joy:

If this was the 2020 QB class I would feel differently. The best QB in this class would be ranked below the top 3 QB’s in that class. Taking a QB just because you feel we need one is exactly that, drafting by need. That is not a good way to build a franchise.

Our target at QB should be a guy that can win the #2 job as well as have some upside that can maybe become a QB1 at some point down the road. Unless someone we consider 1st round talent drops to 2nd round, I’m thinking 3rd round before QB2 even enters the discussion.

IMO, if the Lions were even thinking about a QB other than Goff they would have likely drafted a back up in 2022. There were some solid options available on the 2nd day. Instead they went the route of building a team around him.

I think the 2022 version of Goff has shown they made the correct decision. He’s around top 10 level of play up until this point despite a depleted WR corps. Injuries happen and most every team has to deal with them but does anyone doubt that if we were relatively injury free and Jamo was playing, that this team would EASILY have a top 5 offense in league.

That is what I see for 2023. Almost our entire offense is under contract for 2023. With a few tweaks, this offense will be lighting it up.

The only thing stopping us from being a 2023 playoff team is our defense. We need at the very least, a new starting DT, LB and DB. I’d like to get one of those in free agency and the other 2 in the 1st round of the draft.

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IMO Sewell this year at Oregon has been very disappointing now way is he going that high and at that point not sure he’ll go in round one. I’ve watched several of their games and he’s invisible and a non factor. definitely not on par w/ last years performance. is anyone aware of an injury?

By far the most overrated prospect on this board

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I’d rather have Trenton Simpson than Sewell.

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I’d rather have Jack Campbell than Sewell.

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Goff has not played like a top 10 quarterback nor is he a top 10 quarterback. If you seriously watch every lions game and believe this, you don’t watch much of any other team play. His top 10 passer rating means very little to nothing.

Your comment is quite contradictory as well. Questioning this years QB class as reason not to take one. Yet you believe if they were going to take one they would’ve in 2022 draft…the worst QB class possibly in my lifetime.

Had Bryce and Will Anderson available @8. Took the franchise QB.

Rest was just throwing darts. Got a 350lb mountain to plug in the middle with some athletic LB’s, a kicker, and some help on the outside. Big bodied TE who would have pre-packaged chemistry with his QB. Still followed the M.O. of Brad Holmes - Power 5 schools - no RAS yet

(Can’t believe I’m doing a mock draft in November! I still feel the off-season hang-over from this spring.)

Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough. “Take one” does not mean “Take one high”.

I would take one high if it was like the 2020 class. I would have still taken one later in the draft last year as I had doubts about Goff. Since the staff didn’t take one, they apparently did NOT have doubts about Goff. So, coming into 2022 the staff didn’t have doubts. I don’t think he’s done anything in 2023 to give us doubts.

I believe the staff believes that if we played better defense, our offense would look even better (probably at least 2 more possessions per game). That would have Goff likely ranked even higher than he currently is (#8 in QB rating).

I still believe in taking a young QB to try and “coach up”. I think 2023 draft could be a chance to do that. I really like the idea of taking a QB that is a great athlete that the staff feels they can “coach up” in the mid/later rounds.

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Actually his comment was quite sound and logical….

When Ridder, Willis, Corral, Zappe, and Howell went rounds 3-5… it seemed like a decent value for a backup. I’m glad we took Kerry instead of M Willis now, but many would have liked that pick on draft day…

  • we have a first time OC… and a mash unit at WR and OL…. Jackson missed multiple games, not it looks like Rags will, V has missed the whole year, and so has Kraemer…. Jamo had missed the year, Chark played one game healthy, one banged up, one sort of healthy- then he missed next 6! Reynolds has missed 2…. And our TEs are mostly UDFAs…. WE ALSO HAVE THE 32ND RANKED DEFENSE STILL AT 29.5 POINTS PER GAME ALLOWED!

Records when teams allow 23 points…

Chiefs: 3-1
Phins: 3-3
Bills: 0-1
Bengals: 1-2
Titans: 0-1
Ravens: 1-3
Jets: 1-2
Chargers: 2-3

Eagles: 1-1
Vikings: 4-1
Giants: 0-2
Seahawks: 2-3
Bucs: 0-2
49ers: 0-2
Cowboys: 1-2
Wash: 0-3

-Those are the top 8 teams in each conference record wise- AKA the playoff hunt….

The are a collective “19- 32” when allowing just 23 points!!!

  • Lions are 2-6….


  • the top 16 teams in the league have allowed 23 or more points…. JUST - “51 out of 146” games played!!!

  • those same teams are 78-17 when allowing 22 or less!!!

  • the Lions are 1-0 when allowing 22 or less!!!

LITERALLY - the top 16 ranked teams are allowing 23 or more points just “34.9%” of the time!!! Lions are allowing that “88.8%” of the time….


What has the staff did or said that makes you think this ?