They decided to trust Stafford!

The 4th down laser to Marvin and the 3rd down ballsy pass play call to James to seal it spoke volumes to me! Especially after the bad 2nd pick Stafford threw. The first pick wasn’t that big of deal to me…

I think Patricia and Bevel learned a lot last week with the ill advised timeout.

I was shocked they threw it to James on that 3rd down where as last year u can bet your ass Patricia opts to run it there and more than likely have to punt it and leave up to the defense again…

Hoping they trust Matthew going forward cuz it looks as if he’s in for a nice rebound year!


Stafford and James were both shocked too

They said so post game

But they said that after they got over the shock they said “let’s do this”

And they did


It makes sense. After showing a realistic tendency to run…effective or not, something like a bootleg to a TE should be open. That’s not a new concept

The Lions utilizing that playcalling is!

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And it is very ballsy to do it in that situation

Dear God! Dare a ask?’ Are the Lions using analytics?’ :crazy_face:

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The first pick was Gallodays fault.


the play must have surprised the hell out of the bolts–gutsy play and i liked it—about time they trust some of the players—right time–right move

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The 2nd pick was a good throw by Stafford right where Marvin likes the ball. He was the one that didn’t see the defender, because if he high points that ball he likely comes down with it.

After 2011, Linehan trusted Stafford. Then 2012 and 2013 happened.

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Well I could give two shits about 5-6 years ago…He’s a much different qb now!

Saw someone wearing a shirt at the game that said “#trustme - Matthew Stafford” lol

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People who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

We shall see if he’s “much different”.

I mean, we’ve been hearing how it was the supporting cast, not him. Now you’re telling me he’s changed and gotten better. So does that mean his critics were right when they said it was on him back then?

Sure a lot of that back then was on him. Pretty sure he would say the same…

And yes I absolutely think he’s a better QB now then under Linehan…I mean that’s not even debatable…

I understand you don’t like him but to say he hasn’t improved is just silly

He would. So would most reasonable people. But some of the fluffers won’t (or didn’t)

I think he’s gotten better. The experience with Caldwell certainly had some positive lessons in it.

Stafford needed a QB coach like all golfers need a swing coach. He didn’t want someone to come in and try to change his motion, but Schwartz and Linehan should have insisted on one. Schwartz wasn’t ready to be a HC and this is one of the biggest areas he was short. All guys that work hard get better year after year. That doesn’t justify the irrational negative comments by angry Lions Fans who look to complain about everything.

Or what, they bench him?

But irrational positive comments are just fine?

Football is a team sport. Did Stafford play a part in some of the losses? He was on the field, right?
Did he have a great team around him? In the early days he had Megatron and a cast of nobody’s.
There are those who say he should have been able to elevate Chris Durham’s play to that of an actual NFL receiver. That’s something Chris Durham never was, before or after.
When Matt had a decent team around him, we went to the playoffs.
Is he Aaron Rodgers? No! Right now, his numbers are better. Pretty much all of his numbers.
QB’s get more credit than they deserve, and they get more blame than they deserve.
I’ve never dismissed Stafford’s struggles. I’ve also never dumped the team and organizations struggles on him.
Yes, when someone else refused to look at the TEAM and dumped all the blame on Stafford, I would defend Stafford. I’ve never said Stafford was perfect or blameless. Just that there is only so much a QB can control. Stafford tried to win football games with a less than stellar supporting cast, and sometimes it didn’t work. Gee, imagine that. Pettigrew dropping balls that hit him in the numbers was, get this, Pettigrews fault. Not Matt’s. Ebron dropping balls that hit him in the numbers was…Ebrons fault. Durham not catching balls that hit him in the numbers is Durham’s fault. When Backus whiffed, that was on Backus.

But don’t overplay the drops as an excuse for everything. I’ve factored in drops, to CJ for example. Still not enough catchable balls going his way.

He could have used what he had better. Even Durham. Durham was his guy in college. If people are triple teaming CJ (which they should) then it doesn’t matter who is #2 if you’re an elite QB. You think Farve or Rodgers wouldn’t make a hero out of anyone playing #2. And if Durham wasn’t good, then next man up.

I look at 2006*2007. Roy was a #1 pick, but Furrey and McDonald? Who the f- were they? Ask any QB or coach who they’d have first, CJ and Durham v. Roy, Furrey and McDonald, who do you think they’d take?

I hope we can stop talking about trusting Matt. Let’s not forget, the play after the timeout play was incomplete. It’s not about “trust”