This is the worst draft of all time F grade

Well, I couldn’t have scripted it better. After all the heated debates I’ve had, the Lions selected RB, LB, and TE with their first 3 picks. People thought it was ok to bash me, and not ok for me to fight back. And a guy attacking me personally by going at my screen name, which has my religion it, is shameful. Shame on you. This is football talk, and some of you take it too serious, and too far. Some of you should have the integrity to at least give me a thumbs up. Giving me credit where credit is due after the attacks I got, but I guess that’s too much to ask. Whatever, I’m over it.

Now, just because I debated RB, LB, and TE doesn’t mean i like the picks. My reasoning for these positions is exceptions for exceptional talent. Like Micah Parsons, Kyle Pitts, or Bijan Robinson.

Anyway, this is the worst draft in Lions history IMO, and I’ll tell you why.

The Lions are one of the hottest teams right now. And despite what I think of Goff, I won’t ignore that he is one of the hottest QB’s right now. They are favorites to win their division, and make noise in the playoffs. With the 6th overall pick, the 18th overall pick, and two second round picks, they could have put themselves in superbowl contention IMVHO. They needed to upgrade the defense. Which is beyond obvious. Instead they filled the roster with luxury picks. And reached for all of them.

I hoped for back-to-back DT’s as early as possible. Their biggest need is DT. They should improve the DL in general. 100 percent this will happen right? Wrong! I’m not going to be nice here:

1st round - Jahmyr Gibbs. This is the epitome of reach, and luxury. Swift cannot stay healthy, but Swift is the better player. With the 12th pick you have to draft your franchise player. Especially if you traded out from the 6th pick. It better be worth it. This is Jahvid Best 2.0, but worse. If he isn’t CMAC then this is a bust. But they also don’t need CMAC! They should have stayed at 6, and took Bijan. He was worth it, and the only RB worth a first round pick.

1st round - Jack Campbell. I LOVE this pick. I am still a firm believer in MLB’s, and that they are a defenses heart, and soul. I almost changed my grade to D-, but stuck to the F because no matter how much I like this pick, it was the wrong pick. So much for all you “BH doesn’t value LB’s, BH text message saying he won’t draft a LB, etc”.

2nd round - Sam LaPorta. We need defense, but they reach for a TE. He wasn’t even the best TE available. I’m sure all you “we were better without Hockenson, DC likes blocking TE’s, our TE’s are good enough, Mitchell, etc” are fuming right now.

2nd round - Brian Branch. 1st round talent. Great value. It’s too bad he’s too unathletic to play outside CB, and is stuck behind a log jam of DB’s. This team now has 3 starting caliber hybrid nickelback/S’s. Congrats Lions. Branch will serve the Gatorade.

3rd round - Hendon Hooker. I LOL’ed at this pick. BH sure does love him some injured players. Go ride the bench till you’re 30 dude.

3rd round - Brodric Martin. Like, WHAT?! They finally get a DT. They needed interior pass rushing, but a big nose is cool too. Right, right? Wrong. Who the hell even is this guy, and why did they trade 3 picks to get him?! He’s going to be 30 when he’s labeled a bust. Which is next week. Go stand next to Benito, and Buggs.

The rest isn’t worth mentioning.

Based on where players went, I would have took Murphy, Van Ness, Nolan Smith, Kancey, Bresee, or Mazi. Any of those two. And that 4th round had EPIC value. But too bad they traded all their assets for a 30 year old Isiah Buggs.

Gibbs will help a little. I mean, Theo Riddick would help too. Campbell will help, but he’s going to have to get a million tackles, and forget the times he gets burned. Congrats fam. The Lions will win 9 games again.

The Eagles are going undefeated.


This feels like howbdeafts were before brad came along. Just a bunch of people I never. Heard of that fizzled out and never made the cut…

But hopefully they don’t fizzle out and make the cut. We didn’t have a lot of roster spots so maybe they targeted their starting guys and went after development. They seem to have a vision for what they want and are finding the pieces for it.

But maybe we’re just spoiled by the last 2 drafts

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I read the first sentence…. and then realized this is troll level garbage.

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@CatholicNinja is someone on the board anti-Ninja? I demand a ban on that person.

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Did you just compare Theo Riddick to Jahmyr Gibbs?

If you don’t want people to think you’re a troll, you’re going about it the wrong way.

This isn’t reddit.

Do better.


In, to stay posted on the drama




This makes me want to change my handle to BuddhistStormtrooper…


Yeah, at least compare Gibbs to Aveon Cason…now we’re talkin!


Wow, just all I can even say.


This might be true it was worst draft ever if Matt Millen was never our GM. Anyway we all know it is too early. We can say that we seemingly pulled a Millen in drafting our 1st rounders and last 3rd rounder. Each of those were colossal reaches.

Go listen to Kirk Herbstreit talk about Gibbs and Campbell. For the love of god stop judging a draft before they actually play any games. Honestly I struggle with “worst draft of all time” type posts. Based on what? It didn’t match up with a mock draft? Jesus Christ. Darius Slay looked terrible his rookie season….how did that one work out? Or Stafford his first two years? It’s crazy to even try and justify your post. You didn’t like it? Great……doesn’t mean anything in how these draft picks will or won’t work out.


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Bro, everyone that has been on this board any length of time knows I’m Catholic, or at least Christian.
I think it has more to do with how you approach disagreements.
This is a public message board. A bunch of guys, half of them drunk :rofl:, you gotta have thicker skin.
No crying in football.


We should use this as the official “Post your grade/review here” thread. :sweat_smile:

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Only half?!


Wait, is this espnbaby…?


So basically, if Brad would have picked the guys YOU wanted we would have gone to the Superbowl but instead Brad took the guys HE wanted and it’s the worst draft in history?

Dude, get a grip on yourself and quit whining already. You cry foul easier and more often than Lebron.

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