Time to start rooting for Stafford

Withe season all but over for the Lions, I will be rooting for Matt and the Rams as it may be the closest thing I experience to the Lions reaching the Super Bowl in my lifetime!!


Lol. You do that. At that point you are no longer a Lions fan.

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Get ready to take some heat. Folks here are pretty tied to that draft pick and believe your rooting for Stafford is going to result in us getting a lower pick.


I am convinced all the high draft picks in the world can’t fix this mess. When you think about it, this team has been a continous rebuild for 60 years.


Come on man!! Cut me some slack on this one. I have attended more Lion games on the road than any other sane person I know!!

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You bring up a very good point!
You can root for whatever team you want, it doesn’t help or hurt the outcome of the game on the field.
There’s no harm in cheering for other teams, most fans have another team they quietly root for anyways.
You’ve changed my stance on this…but in saying this I’m still torn, would love to see Staffors do well and am still rooting for the best pick we can get.


I’m still approaching it like I said in the offseason. I’m rooting for them to implode until they clinch a playoff spot. Once they are in the playoffs the draft pick is kind of locked into a range at the back of the draft, so that’s when I will start rooting for Stafford.

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Funny enough, I am kind of the reverse of that. I know that they are making the playoffs, so I am not actively rooting against the Rams during the regular season (kind of rooting for the Cardinals to continue to win the West, though), but once they make the playoffs, I am hoping for a wild card exit. Pick 22 looks a whole lot nicer than pick 32.


I’m with you, a first round exit would be fantastic.


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Its reasonably cheap to move up from 32 to 22. I’m more worried about the difference between 12 and 32. Once it gets locked into the 20s I can let me Staffy flag fly. :sunglasses:


If Stafford were to win a Title in LA, it would be a gut punch.

With that said, If he does make a deep playoff run I’ll probably root him on.

But until then, I do want the Rams to lose…especially this coming Sunday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

You’ll get some heat, it’s pretty pathetic some would question your Fandom, but I’m with you Stafford is my fall back, lions were gonna suck and most knew it. The Rams were a playoff team and most know it. I hope they get the number 1 seed and Stafford wins MVP and the Lombardi. You do you, don’t worry about it. I’ve been a fan longer than many have been alive could careless how they grade my fandom


What sucks is the media will make extra sure its the biggest gut punch possible. While many of us will be rooting for him in a feel good way, the media will make Detroit the anti-christ in how they explain the situation.


And we know Stafford’s good at that!


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When Verlander went to Houston and promptly won a World Series ring, I didn’t feel wonderful for him (though I saw many did). I was more bitter about him having opportunity after opportunity in Detroit and it never coming together. He was so dominant in the playoffs leading up to the World Series, and then in two World Series, spit the bit.

It will be a lot like that with Stafford.

Man I look at my autographed Stafford football and just hate being so conflicted. I want him to win but I want this damn team to win.

Glad to see Matt having success even though it hurts us.

This week I want the Rams to lose….

After that, I hope he does well and shows his stuff!!

I can’t blame him as he gave it his best here……

And picks are picks…. Some work out amd many dont…. Hinging a SB result in this one draft pick is imho silly….

If we aren’t going to the SB, then I want Matt too do it