Tired of tweakers

I’m rapidly wanting to move to the country. Anyone want to open a dive bar near Lake Superior witn me? This is my new goal. I have a ton of experience opening restaurants bars and breweries. Who’s in? Maybe we all chip in and call it the Dens Den

Play the games on TV, have a few pool tables. Offer banging burgers, Fish fry Fridays and banging breakfasts

……So a few years ago a heroin tweaker stole my F250. Loved that truck. Then I bought an Equinox, older but loaded and in mint condition. the engine melted on that in January due to the snow storm clogging the crank case pressure relief valve

I almost got scammed on a used engine I ordered but thankfully the Spidey senses went off just before I wired money. So I have a new engine being built in Michigan by Fraser…

In the meantime I bought a 1997 Camry for 1,500 cash. Rides real nice. Gets me around.

Last night a tweaker and his girlfriend side swipe me on the highway, spin out and total the car they stole. jump out and scurry into the city like rats. The officer who came told me the car was stolen

Now I’m driving around a 1997 Camry with a bashed in side. Lookin real classy. Could go to pick and pull for a quarter panel but some tweakers broke into my storage a few weeks back and stole all my tools

You could start tweaking. Think of how many friends you’d have out west.

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Come to GA or Florida, Lakeland area for FL, and I’m in.


He’d want to brew beer. You don’t happen to like beer, do
you? :joy:

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LOL. Well, adopted daughter is a former GM for a restaurant and currently works part time as a bartender just to keep busy a little.
SIL and I would be the tasters…

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Maybe the universe is really trying to tell you to get out of that hell hole and come home?

Also I might theoretically have the ability to lay my hands on a SKS and 1,000 7.62 rounds just in case you want to mow the yard of tweakers before you leave

aim bushes GIF


Not possible. It’s like Tweaker World War Z. They’ll just continue coming in waves.

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Oh in that case you can just simply bathe yourself in Drakkar and lay down in the street and they’ll run right past you because they know you’re already dead inside.


The officer laughed at my descriptions of them

‘She looked like a blond ferret, scurrying across the highway and he looked like a creepy little ■■■■ with a pointy emo haircut’

unfortunately, that probably describes 60% of the population in downtown Portland at 1 AM


I’m a little burned out on brewing beer commercially. I’d rather have a nice taplist of the classics and a few local craft beers

And the best Chicken fried steak in the county
And ribeye Monday right on the flames behind the bar - Montana style


That sounds lovely.


That would fit in well in Lakeland, plenty of great breweries in the state to get the craft group and then the usual light beer. Bourbon as well, need bourbon. Slight warning that Lakeland is a bit of a redneck town, lol.

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I’m in. you find me investors and I’ll work all my magic. We can watch the Lions every Sunday at our bar and have banging chicken fried steak with bacon I house cured and smoked out back

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@TNutZz come to Tuscaloosa. Fast.

The idea of “competition” for bars down here…is bullshit. They’re all very profitable.

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I’m totally down. Just need investors. I’ve got the knowledge but lack the personal capital at the moment

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If you add weekend diving trips on the lake and need a Dive Master like me know!

We can do ice diving as well! :cold_face:

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I’m guessing that a standing ovation for Perdue Pharma would get me kicked out of your establishment…

Seriously though, you have my sympathy. My brother never got his peace of mind back after some asshole broke into his house while he was at work. The house was newer construction and the front door frame was about as strong as a Home Depot shed, and the crook kicked right through it. The new and improved version we put in afterwards had double stacked 2x6 framing all around with 6 inch lag screws securing it to the rest of the house. We figured anyone who could kick that door down had earned whatever they could find.

My brother never really got past it until he moved. I’d like to think that asshole eventually came back and tried to kick the new door down only to break his goddamn leg.


I’m going to be retiring in the not to distant future and thinking about what I want to do when I’m “retired”.

Armed volunteer neighborhood patrol sounds fun. I’d make sure I’m fully up to speed on local/state laws on feeling threatened and needing to defend myself with lethal force.


Flexing Hulk Hogan GIF by WWE

Homeless population in Orlando has 10x’d, since covid…literally