Tonight it begins! TB and Dallas!

I’m pumped and will watch the game via my old ass IPhone 5 baby!!

I have to give TB the edge for the win

But Dallas could surprised as well!!


So It Begins Helms Deep GIF by Giphy QA


It’s weird how tuberculosis and Dallas always come hand and hand.


So legit.
Tampa 38
Dallas 17
…Factor in Officials, and that gives you a final score of
Tampa 32
Dallas 28


I don’t think much of McCarthy. I bet TB smokes em’.


Giving up 8 1/2 is a tough bet. But i do like the over 51 1/2.

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Why are you trying to fat shame McCarthy?
You know he is doing the best he can without Aaron Rodgers.

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I’m expecting a closer game than many are predicting. Dallas has a lot of weapons and I’m not sure Tampa comes out of the gates rolling. I’ll say Tampa 27-23.

Same with Holmgren. :wink:

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Tampa wins 30-24. Close game

With Dallas’s defense (and I don’t believe it has improved much), I think Tampa rolls them with some garbage time points that make it closer than it is.

I live in AZ and today is the first day for LEGAL sports betting. I created a FanDuel account and was able to make 1 $5 bet at 40-1 odds any team I wanted this weekend straight up. I picked TB. Plus they had a odds booster bet. Even money that there would be more than 1 TD Tonite. I don’t bet much but that seems like pretty safe bets.

Put $5 down to win $22.50 if Brady throws for 300 AND Evans catches a TD

It’s nice to see football that counts on again…

Lamb had a couple bad drops. Brady of course, looking like Brady… so far…

And lamb just made up for it with a TD

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I can’t wait for the Lions Sunday…

They are gonna come out and look like a whole new team!! A whole new BETTER team!

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I have Brady in fantasy. I need this to happen. I’m also betting on Amon-Ra to be a bench PPR hero for me.

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On the last drive, Jones looked to be doing his best Deandre Swift impersonation. :wink:
Just kidding, we know Swift is better.

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I like how Suh just picked up the running back by his back and carried him backwards. God, I miss him


Loved that too, man. Freak o nature

Side note- Collinsworth had no idea how good Stafford was, until he got traded to the Rams.


Chris Collinsworth can suck it. Just made a comment about Stafford and the Rams and said something like “You know we didn’t do a ton of Detroit games, I didn’t know he was that good! He’s moving defenses looking off defenders…”

Dude go screw yourself. You’ve done Lions games. you’ve seen him. You know who he is. And you just implied you didn’t pay attention to him because he played for Detroit.

That really got my dander up.