Top 2 Pick Locked. So now I ask…

This assuming we do NOT trade:

  1. are you satisfied with one of the top 2 DEs. Beginning of the year if you said we had a shot at either, do you feel the same way now?

  2. if we don’t take either DE, what player/position would you be ok with?

  3. if we pass on both, what player do we take that will make you pull your hair out?

For me:

  1. I’ve wanted Kayvon for the longest, the fact we can have him or “settle” on Hutch im ecstatic. This team needs pressure and that will help the back levels of the D.

  2. I would be fine with Hamilton or Neal, wouldnt be too happy but both would be players who could grow on me

  3. absolutely no QB (at 2 only im ok with one Rams pick or top 2nd). CB is a close second, Booth and Stingley are good but no!

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Order of preference—

  1. trade down
  2. Hutch
  3. trade down
  4. trade down
  5. Hamilton
  6. trade down
  7. Tibby Dough
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I want Hutch or trade down.

There are guys like DK who seem to have fun when they are winning, but pout and disappear when things go poorly.

I think Hutch stays positive, tries his ass off, and wants to be part of the solution vs expecting a smooth ride if that makes sense.

I’d be inclined to take even a bad deal to trade down per the draft value chart

Lloyd, Dean, Jermaine Johnson, Drake Jackson, T Walker, J Dotson, Jordan Davis, K Walker, D London, T Burks, Brisker, J Williams, Pitre, C Harris, D Clark, D Leal, Sauce Gardner, Booth,
McCreary…. I’m no particular order are all guys who could really help this team.

I’d love 5 in the first 66… plus an early pick next year.

As long as the head office likes them, don’t overthink it, Hutch or Thibodeaux.

Trust me on this. Khan will make the “flash” move and take TB. Write it down, quote it, save it, whatever. I’ll gladly eat crow but I’m telling you he will.

And Hutch will be sitting right there for us.

I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter what I think or who I’d like for them to draft. I don’t really worry about it anymore. They’re going to draft who THEY deem the best players are. Not me or any other self proclaimed authority on what or who the Lions need. I just either say ‘Oh, cool.’ Or scratch my and maybe shake my head. I’m kinda glad it isn’t my call.

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I think the Lions two biggest areas of need are WR and DL.

Our run defense is god awful and I think DT is very much in play for the Lions early in the draft.

It’s very possible our first two picks are about helping to fix the run defense.

That’s why a trade down might actually happen this year.


We need playmakers on DL, LB, S. Until we get maulers in the middle of the line and closers in the middle of the field, we’ll continue to suck. My comp for Levi O has always been Andre Fluellen, and I haven’t seen anything to change my mind.

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Did Andre Fluellen EVER draw a double team?

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You don’t draft need at #2 unless it fits.

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Agreed, but the 2 best Defensive ends in the draft fit a huge need for us. So, it actually works out pretty well.


I’ll die a little inside if they draft a run stuffer with either of their first two picks. You could get a big fat guy to clog up space in the mid rounds. Get me some playmakers please. DE (pass rushers) WR, S which also happen to be the strongest positions in this draft AND fills the Lions biggest needs. Oops, forgot LB.

Don’t overthink it, Hutchinson or Thibs. I prefer Hutchinson like most everyone here, but feel the criticism towards Thibs has become over-the-top. Yes, you’d like it if he played with his hair on fire like Hutch, but his physical gifts don’t come around all that often. Have faith in Glenn and Campbell to get the best out of him.


I think the Jags go oline and pass on a edge rusher seeing as they drafted an edge guy 2 out of the last 3 years


I’m gonna hold judgement on draft need based on FA signings. Would love to see us address either WR or DE/DL during free agency but I’m not sure this regime is willing to make a big splash there.

I’m also hoping both Thibs and Hutch attend the combo.

  1. Hutch
  2. Trade down
  3. Hamilton
  4. Stingley

This is part of the reason I’m starting to think Thibodeaux might end up better than Hutchinson.


I remember they drafted Josh Allen in 2019 in the 1st round. Who did they pick in 2020?

Sure he could. So could Jermain Johnson, Ojabo, Karlaftis, etc… It’s the draft, that’s how it goes. Rarely does the first-drafted player at a position turn out to be the best. I’d still rather draft Hutchinson, but I’d argue that Thibs’s ceiling is much higher. And if he reaches it, well, he’s probably gonna wind up as the best edge player from the draft.

K’Lavon Chaisson, who is a monumental bust at this point. It’s why I could easily see them going edge again. Quite a few of their fans don’t want to pay Josh Allen, apparently he’s been inconsistent, and the time to pay him is fast approaching.

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