Top 40: Chris Simms has Goff ranked 30

Maybe this has been posted. But haven’t seen it.

Huge news if true.


Just a messenger


It’s been posted here before several times. Just without his colorful little chart

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I think Goff will come in a5 15+
If not he’s not in that vicinity, I’d start to look at options much more seriously. He’s now in a top 5 position to succeed (coaches, OL, WR, RB, TE combination).
Goff is in a really, really, REALLY good spot, right now.

Too soon, Nate. I still have 470 messages to read on the “The Goff Hate is becoming a freaking JOKE!” thread.


This was the exact point of my 550 post Goff be haters thread….

WTF list is this?

So Goff is significantly more accomplished through 4-4-5 years than…. Baker, D Jones, Darnold, Mariota, Winston, Trubisky etc…. Take a look at what Goff accomplished by age 23 and compare to Tua, Mac Jones, Z Wilson, Hurts, Lawrence, and Fields…

Right now I have Goff right in line with Ryan, Tannehill, Wentz, Cousins and Jimmy G…. Between stats, winning percentage playoff experience etc- there is no responsible way to rate him lower…


You know what they say about opinions and @55holes— every @55hole has one.

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LOL - 0% chance Goff comes in at 32.
If left to his own devices, Goff’s mental state could have melted, while his career imploded…possibly.

NO WAY that happens with Coach Dan leading the way. Goff’s gotta toughen up some → for sure! I guarantee he will. How much? That’s the question.

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I Wouldn’t put much thought into that list, Chris Simms sure didn’t.


Yup - if Tanenbuam and Cousins had a baby…it would be Goff. there are things Goff does better than both of them, but I view him as that caliber.
Jimmy G, Carr, Tanny, Cousins → right in that pocket…Goff is probably a little more talented than some of these guys, but also has less toughness/leadership.

I view him as very much inline with Cousins.



Remember Stafford was always ranked lower than he should have been as well. Detroit vs everyone!


That is a dumb take. Congrats chris simms on being dead wrong and blind


I would agree with this ranking if it had just been on the first 10 games last season. You can’t discount how well he started to play at the end of the year though. I’d put him around 20.


Post it above the door in the locker room.

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Listen, Goff isn’t my favorite QB and I’d love to have some of the guys on that list instead of him but he’s no worse than 17.


Still is, but only by the factions of Lions fans that were listening to the press. :wink:


:joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Exactly what I say, bro. If we can do better…we SHOULD!

However…that’s not easy to do.
32 teams have been seeing a top flight QB since the beginning of time, and it seems like no more than 7 or 8 at a time can ever achieve that.

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Why is Daniel Jones that high?


So do you guys think Simms is right?

Probably because he (Simms) is ranked -30. Bum.