Top Remaining KCS Targets for Day 2

If you’re unfamiliar with the KCS (Knee Cap score: Who is a ‘Brad Holmes’ draft pick?: Pt. 3: The Knee Cap Score - The War Room / Detroit Lions — The Den - The Den (

A quick rundown of Round 1 - you’ll notice I also have Captain history and culture fits in the KCS now, which was procured through Dane Brugler’s “The Beast”. I just didn’t have time to get through it all and publish it before the draft. Under culture, I simple have a Yes/No/N/A grade. This comes from reading through Dane’s info and finding things like “compete”, “ethic”, “leader”, “character”, “IQ”, etc. The things we all know Dan loves in players. It was a Yes if they had some of these qualities, a No if they had issues, and N/A if there just wasn’t information provided. Captain is simply, where they a captain during their college degree based on The Beast? If they were more than a multi-year captain, I have indicated that as well.

34 Jahmyr Gibbs HB ALABAMA 82.6 8.07 8.165 No Yes
39 Jack Campbell LB IOWA 91.7 9.98 9.575 2x Yes

Jahmyr Gibbs becomes Brad Holmes lowest ever KCS score in the first round - although we never had full KCS score for Jameson. Again, Holmes shows that he’s willing to take lower KCS at RB (Jermar Jefferson had the lowest score ever taken by Brad at 5.08 in 2021).

Jack Campbell is the consumate KCS. He was #2 overall in this draft (9.575) and falls exactly with what I’d expect out of a first round selection based on Holmes’ last two drafts (Hutch - 9.665 & Sewell - 9.285). Has all the intangibles to boot.

Let’s take a look at some of the guys that KCS might highlight for Day 2 (must have a KCS score of 8.4 as that was the floor set by Levi in 2021 for a Day 2 pick). I’ll be going through the rest of the players in PFF Top 100 because as of now, our last Day 2 pick is at 55…and I have to stop somewhere:

19 Michael Mayer TE NOTRE DAME 92.5 7.66 8.455 Yes Yes
21 Joey Porter Jr. CB PENN STATE 73.2 9.71 8.515 No N/A
35 John Michael Schmitz C MINNESOTA 92.3 7.89 8.56 No Yes
37 Darnell Washington TE GEORGIA 85.7 9.88 9.225 No Yes
38 Josh Downs WR N CAROLINA 82.8 8.99 8.635 No Yes
43 Sam LaPorta TE IOWA 80.1 9.02 8.515 Yes Yes
46 DJ Turner CB MICHIGAN 77.4 9.58 8.66 No Yes
49 Luke Musgrave TE OREGON ST 72.5 9.78 8.515 No N/A
50 Zach Charbonnet HB UCLA 91.5 8.71 8.93 No Yes
51 Cody Mauch T N DAK ST 90.8 9.33 9.205 Yes Yes
54 Luke Wypler C OHIO STATE 82.4 9.31 8.775 No Yes
56 Adetomiwa Adebawore ED NWESTERN 73.8 9.72 8.55 Yes Yes
60 Keion White ED GA TECH 72.6 9.92 8.59 No Yes
68 Julius Brents CB KANSAS ST 74.9 9.99 8.74 No Yes
70 Darius Rush CB S CAROLINA 77.9 9.80 8.795 No Yes
72 Rashee Rice WR SMU 85.9 9.53 9.06 Yes Yes
73 Isaiah Foskey ED NOTRE DAME 72.3 9.61 8.42 Yes Yes
74 Tucker Kraft TE S DAK ST 79.0 9.68 8.79 No Yes
75 Marvin Mims WR OKLAHOMA 75.5 9.41 8.48 No Yes
76 Sydney Brown S ILLINOIS 78.4 9.68 8.76 Yes Yes
77 Cory Trice CB PURDUE 75.4 9.65 8.595 No N/A
78 Chandler Zavala G NC STATE 76.0 9.50 8.55 No Yes
80 Michael Wilson WR STANFORD 74.5 9.55 8.5 2x Yes
83 Jonathan Mingo WR OLE MISS 76.9 9.87 8.78 Yes Yes
92 Luke Schoonmaker TE MICHIGAN 72.7 9.86 8.565 No N/A
93 Moro Ojomo DI TEXAS 90.6 9.17 9.115 No Yes
95 Isaiah McGuire ED MISSOURI 81.1 9.53 8.82 Yes N/A
96 A.T. Perry WR WAKE 83.4 9.62 8.98 No N/A
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I have to keep bringing up that Moro Ojomo is a great fit for the character Dan and Brad are looking for. I am just speaking of who he is as a person, not the football side.

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There’s a lot to like about Ojomo! I really focused in on him after my initial look at KCS and man does he look like a Brad Holmes pick.

A guy who didn’t meet the arbitrary KCS standards (8.16) I set for round two because of his RAS score (7.10) is DI Kobie Turner from Wake Forest. PFF Grade of 92.2, 2x team captain, lots of raving about his intangibles. He’s #79 on PFFs big board and is another guy who just seems like a guy they would love.

Thanks for doing this… How does Keanu Benton rate?

Benton comes in at 8.135 on the KCS. He’s pulled down by his PFF Grade (73.6). Team captain and high effort player. He’s kind of like Turner for me…doesn’t meet the standard, but also wouldn’t be super surprised by his selection.

I wouldn’t mind Washington at 55……

@Mr.Peabody another guy for 34 IOL

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Thanks for doing this, lots of signs pointing towards Mauch being the pick possibly

There are still a lot of good IOL left (well, most of them weren’t drafted yet). Hard to tell which way they go, honestly. Torrence and Avila don’t fit the KCS profile, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if they took either. Wouldn’t be surprised if they waited and took a guy later in the draft either. This is a super weird draft with tons of players all have similar grades by NFL teams.

I’m thinking we should do it at 34…

UNICORN blocker to go with our new running game toys.

Get a RG later and BOOOM

Quinn would draft him…convert him to OT…then trade him to New England.

Quinn isn’t even that smart

DL Ojomo with that high RAS…Brad likes himself some RAS…

Sam LaPorta another win for KCS.

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Branch putting up Kerby #s