Top ten power ranked teams backup QB

Lots of threads committed to who will be Goffs backup if he gets injured. Browsing other teams message boards it doesn’t seem like it’s generally as much of an issue for them as we make it out to be for us. I think in general the way top rosters are built, if your starting QB is hurt, the season is usually lost. Unless a Tom Brady or Kurt Warner happens to be the backup - Purdy almost pulled this off…

But tell me. Which of these backups could really lead the team to a SB win if the starter gets hurt late in the season?

  1. KC Chiefs - Shane Buechele

  2. Cinn Bengals - Brandon Allen

  3. Philly Eagles - Marcus Mariota

  4. SF 49ers - Trey Lance/Purdy

  5. New York Jets - Zach Wilson (ouch)

  6. Buffalo Bills - Kyle Allen

  7. Detroit Lions - Nate Sudfeld

  8. Dallas Cowboys - Cooper Rush

  9. SD Chargers - Easton Stick

  10. Jax Jaguars - CJ Beathard


I think honestly there just aren’t a lot of good QB’s to be backups!? If they were any good, they’d be starting on a team.


4 and 8


Only #7

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#3 as well
Fits like Foles there

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I’m a Purdy believer. Lance has yet to show anything. I’m not sold on Rush.

Rush had the worst third-down throws that resulted in a first down or touchdown at 22.2%. Their offense also dropped to just over 17 pts a game with him under center

Purdy might be better than Lance, but I think Lance is going to get the starting gig again. I mean he snapped his leg in the 1st game of the season. They invested like 3 1st rounders to get him. Can’t see him just holding a clipboard with that investment. He’s also making like 10 mill per season cause he was drafted so high.

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Lynch says Purdy’s the guy and Darnold/Lance are backups


Not even an open competition? Wow, perhaps trying to trade Lance for anything they can get in return. If you’re paying Lance 10 mill per season to be a backup, what’s the point of signing Darnold as well?

Imagine they didn’t waste 3 first rounders and a 3rd on Lance? Shit, that could potentially be one of the worst trades in nfl history.

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This, and the way the cap is so tight it’s difficult to pay a backup big scratch. So lots of veteran minimums and mid round picks

And when there’s a high pick like a QB at number six, he’s not drafted to be a backup. It means he’s going to be starter year two at the latest

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Nice to see them talking about us in the top 10, and #7, no less.

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There aren’t 32 “good” starters in the league, let alone back ups.


Lynch can’t identify a good QB to save his life so that makes sense. :rofl:

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Some teams depend on their QB to carry them. Others rely on defense or O line and the QB is replaceable.

That said - Chiefs, Bengals, Bills, Chargers, and Jags are average at best without their QBs.

Lions are close to that same group. Goff isn’t on the same level as the group above except maybe Lawrence, but Lawrence is the Jags.

Cowboys, Jets I don’t see as legit contenders to anything no matter who the QB is and even if every card falls right for them.

Eagles and Niners I think are contenders with their backups still but less likely.

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The Niners have only had backups the entire time Shanahan has been there. :laughing:


Chargers Bills Bengals and Jags all have top ten defenses. I think they may still be average or better. I suspect confidence in one’s defense may also make for better more confident QB play. Willing to take more chances


Can someone post a top 10 QB wives or girlfriends ranking?

If I’m honest, that would draw my attention more than a back-up QB list.

v2 GIF

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Is there a group Den photo for Staffords wives?

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I thought you said you weren’t handsome?



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