Totally off the wall surprise pick at 1A

Carter would be a surprise to you if available at 6? Did you watch his Pro Day? Pathetic.
Breese came to the Combine flabby with man boobs and he was 100 times better than Jalen Carter in the events. Carter did everything but take a nap on the field.

Yeah I mean it all depends on how far down the board he dropped or if he’s even on the board.

That’s called the “ESPN commentator special”.


I’m just not sure Holmes/Campbell want to take a chance on Carter. Would be a great storyline for the season, though.

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so what would that take?

It may cost us 18OA or both our seconds. We would end up with the best player in the draft and bolster our DLine strength.

With the FA moves that have been made I feel even better about this possibility, because IMHO it makes the defensive signings from AA & Buggs to Sutton, CJGC and the other secondary pieces even better.

Something else I’ve been thinking about, is if we do trade up with Anderson the Lions get to stay out of the Jalen Carter conversation. Because they went and got their guy.

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