Tracy Walker 2nd best Safety in the League PFF


I was ready to move on after the first game or two.
He obviously played a lot quicker and with more physicality yesterday. I haven’t studied them to the point I can tell what all is different (his role vs his play) but yesterday was markedly better than a few weeks ago.

Reeves-Maybin graded pretty high too, especially in the run game.


Speaking of secondaries, anybody know if Slash ever made the transition over to this site?

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen him in a while. I think the last regime broke him. He and I seen a lot of things alike after year 1, but by year 2 there just wasn’t enough reason to stick around, so he didn’t.


IMO, I would love to re-sign Walker and pair him with Marcus Williams. Combine that with Isaiah Oliver or Donte Jackson and now you have a decent secondary.

I think grabbing a solid vet to pair with Amani, Okudah, Parker, Melifonwu, and Pirce/Jacobs would make for a decent secondary. Love the experience this young guys are getting and really hope Melifonwu makes it back soon too.

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Considering all the injuries in the secondary, the ‘loss’ of Collins and the dearth of talent to begin with, I would say that this defense is the nicest surprise so far. Think about it, they held the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings (not as impressive, especially sans Cook) to 19 points.

Regardless of prevent defense schemes in the last 30 seconds, I am happy with the coaches and feel that they are getting the most out of their players. Heck, I think even Okudah would be serviceable right now, if he wasn’t a bit of a glass figurine.


The year the Lions racked up all the comebacks under Caldwell was the only year in the last couple of decades you could say as much, until this year.


Walker noticeably showed up Sunday.

He might be salvageable.

Let’s not talk about the other S position, however.

This might be one of the good things about not trying to adjust what you want to do on defense to match the players you inherit. Just installing what you want to run, get guys to play their roles and assignments and see who is a fit. All the while suffering through the growing pains.

The staff is getting a better picture every week of who can and can’t work with what they want to do.

I’m thrilled they didn’t try to make the hodgepodge of players (and types) they inherited work. Do your thing, play through the pains. Get to the other side hopefully a year or two quicker.

I’d love to have a pair of Marcus Williams and Tracey Walker back there. I’m not sure we want to commit 20*m per to safety though. Personally I long for good safety play so I’d be fine with it.

This is why I mentioned Walker in a previous post regarding who are our players that should be around after the rebuild. Kind of surprised more people didn’t mention him. I really hope we resign this guy, he is just blossoming now. Pair him with the right people and he’ll be even better.

Walker is in a contract year. It will be interesting to see what we do. We’d have to pay him first before we worry about getting a SS. Do you pay him and draft one? Do you draft two? Do you draft his replacement and sign a SS?

We need to retain our good players


They will have to evaluate if Walker’s ups and downs are him or his situation before the current coaching staff arrived. He’s always been a good FS though. They had him out of position before.

It’d be really great if he keeps this up and we have one less hole to fill . He’s still pretty young.


I also brought it up in another post. He is certainly not one of the bigger issues and I hope he continues to improve

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One thing that impressed me was a couple of his tackles, were huge hits. The ball carriers did not enjoy that. Never seen big hits like that the past 3 seasons from Walker.


Last I heard, he was still with Guns’n’Roses


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