Trade for Baker Mayfield

Come on Dan Campbell talk the office into trading for Baker Mayfield he would be an excellent Addition and upgrade for the team.
If this happens I can see the playoffs in the future for the Lions.

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Welcome first time poster Florio!


We can’t afford the cap hit, isn’t going to happen. Welcome to the Den!


Yep. Mike Florio’s dream come true.

The funny part is, if Cleveland cut Baker, I would love to sign him for league minimum, with Cleveland on the hook for the rest. Cheap, and a fairly high quality backup.

I think he goes to Seattle or something similar.

If the 49er’s were smart they would cut Jimmy G and save $25 million and make a deal for half of Baker’s contract, $9 million. They save $16 million and get a vet backup for when Try Lance shits the bed.

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Hmm… could be Jacks Mills… the agent.

Mayfield rated lower than Goff last year with way more talent around him

In fact Stafford should send Baker a thank you card for sucking so bad he drove OBJ to demand to be cut


I guess he would be better than Blough or Boyle or whomever our backup is.


Hopefully, after the draft and signing UDFA’s, Cole Kelley will be our backup.

welcome Florio.


Not for what Cleveland wants in compensation–especially for a backup QB.


We have a little over 10 million in cap space and 8 rookies to sign, including two first rounders.
Not happening.
Besides, Mayfield is NOT better than Goff. Frankly, I’m not sure he could beat out Boyles.


Would have thought by now it should be obvious Lions management is behind the QB presently wearing #16

Then again, what would a fan forum be without dissenting views, these just might not be your same ol same ol Lions that have crushed your dreams for so long.

All your boys need to do this year is for once, just once avoid the injury bug, should somehow that happen, you guys may be in for a helluva ride.



Also, this is a tough room.


I wouldn’t want Baker even as a back up. He sucks and would cost more than he is worth.


Agreed…. thanks for joining @Eddie77 .

Not sure if ya have been “lurking” here without posting before… but there just aren’t many people here who have a high opinion of Baker.

I have pointed that he has a strong arm… but he just makes a few too many mistakes trying to force balls… which often are intercepted or sail on him… or both… makes a lot of people hesitant to think he is gonna be really good any time soon.

The Browns having a really good rushing attack… makes most people here expect that he should have been having more success the last few years.

It will be interesting to see where he lands… because it looks like it will be dependent on the Browns eating almost all of his fully guaranteed 2022 salary… so his new team will likely get him cheap in terms of salary… but Baker’s personality isn’t really the type most believe will work for a backup QB… and almost no teams are gonna hand him the job at this time.

I honestly think he may end up with the Giants.
Browns eat a bunch on salary, Giants flip a late round pick, and Giants let Jones and him battle for the job.

I certain could be wrong… but I almost guarantee that Hopmes and Campbell don’t want a competition or drama in Detroit … especially with Hard Knocks… so I don’t see Baker in Detroit under any circumstances.

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Pst, someone tell him Goff is better…….


Take your upvote @Eddie77

First post and you come in bitin’ kneecaps!

You’ll fit right in…welcome!

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Baker is a racist turd. We sure af don’t need a turd leading our team.