Tragedy In Oxford

Oxford School Shooting

I’ve lived in Oxford since 1993 and this is a very tight community. A remote suburb that everyone knows everyone. I’m devastated as is the community. I watched school shootings damn near weekly and think those poor people. Well, now I’m one of those “poor people”. I already know the teacher that was shot as well as the family of one of the students.

Not a religious man, but begging for prayers…


I’m sorry, Syd. I’m tired of this bullshit. I hate that this has become so normalized. Prayers to you and your friends and family on the east side of the state.


I had just finished a long conversation with an associate about how the care-givers at hospitals have been reduced in numbers, and how those who remain are seeing so much death from Covid.

You kind of hear about it here and there, but sometimes it gets a light shown on it in your own life where you really sympathize with them.

After this conversation I continue my errands in Lapeer, noticing three ambulances several minutes apart heading to the hospital.

I make my way to Oxford for another errand and call my wife to describe this weird scene at Meijer. She suspects maybe they’re dropping off Santa. Then I notice the police chopper, too. Then I see the undercover cars with sirens going and decide to call someone else, who explained an active shooter situation at the school. Dagger.

I connected the dots to the ambulances, and just sunk in my seat. As much as we grieve with those families, and we do, I can’t help but think of those same caregivers as they turn their attention from 40 and 50 year olds dying from this heinous virus that’s been unleashed on the world, to bloodied children brought in on stretchers.


Sending love and prayers to all of you guys.


Nothing but :heart: :heart: :heart: and :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart: and :cry: :cry: :cry: and :pray: :pray: :pray: to EVERYONE. EVERYONE.


Thought are prayers to the victims, their families and the entire community.

As someone who graduated high school over 30 years ago, one thing I’ve never understood is the mentality of our youth today that if they get disrespected or made fun or get into an argument, they don’t settle it with their fists anymore or shrug it off—they bring a gun to school and kill people.


I was working a mile from Oxford High school today. The customer I was working for, works in the kitchen at the school. She said, they were locked in a office and the little puke that did this was knocking on the door saying he was the police. We heard all the sirens and seen the emergency medical choppers but thought it was a bad car accident. The thought of something like this happening never crossed our mind. Seeing the reaction from people in this neighborhood as their children got home after this incident was heart wrenching. Words can’t describe how sad I feel for the 3 people who didn’t come home and the devastation to those families.


I’m really sorry man. That’s awful. I hate that our society is creating such deep divisions and alienation that this is becoming commonplace

Much love to you guys and your community.


My son and daughter, who graduated from the school have texted me messages and posts from friends and social media accounts. Not going to post them here, but the coming days may prove interesting.

I’m just sick…


Been posting on Nate’s board forever and many know my sick sense of humor. So, here’s my way too early tasteless joke, "I bet the shooter has Ohio roots’.


I work out there quite a bit was off 24 & Drahner today. I live 30 mins away, so I’m not as close to the community as you are so I can’t imagine how you are feeling right now.

Anytime something like this happens it’s usually in another state. Anyone who is human naturally feels bad when something horrific like this happens. It’s a whole other set of emotions when you are that close to it and actually see the aftermath with your own eyes. I have to go back out there tomorrow to finish up this job. Part of me wants to call in tomorrow because I don’t want to go back out there. You said it best, I’m just sick.

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My heartfelt condolences, sympathy, empathy, prayers and love to everyone involved in this today. I cannot fathom the grief and despair so many must be feeling. Love to you all

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Hang in there, bro.

I had some work in a bank branch a day or two after one of the gals had been robbed. She was normally a smiling, outgoing person who was understandably reserved when we arrived. After a few hours of my noise and interruptions while completing our IT related project, the Regional Officer who was on site mentioned to me that she thought it was a good thing I was there with my team to provide a distraction and to help everyone get back to business.

Your being there tomorrow, just to do whatever it is you do, might be a useful distraction.


My primary emotion regarding these events used to be sorrow but now it’s anger over the fact that we can’t implement solutions to save our kids’ lives.


I used to work in a school where everyone had to go through metal detectors to get into the building. Structured and organized paths to cafeteria, very meticulous releases of students in orderly fashion, etc. STILL had issues.

Any is too many, for sure. Considering how many schools there are, how many students, our numbers are pretty low/safe. Some of this stuff seems so highly preventable.

I could get way into this, but would rather just send love to 'em at this time.
We do get to do better, for sure.

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The way these kids handle conflict resolution is off. They dont know how to talk let alone handle criticism. All into their phones and media lives.

When we were growing up we had three groups of friends… school, neighborhood, and either sports or work. Now kids in other districts know you. Theres no getting away from bullying. They dont know how to handle it and no one at schools work on that.

When we had issues we fought and afterwards it was over and the beef was done. Now they bottle it up until one shoots. If they fight now they get kicked out permanently. When we fought we might have detention.

I wish they would have a boxing ring in every high school… perhaps middle schools too. Sign up to fight in ring after school with whoever you have a beef with under teacher supervision and get it done. We would have alot less shootings if they had a way to quash these things.

I feel bad for everyone involved in this incident today including the shooter who must have felt he had no help in whatever caused him to make such a terrible decision. One he will have to live with for the rest of his life.


Yes! We have a bullying problem, and a muuuch bigger victim problem.
My newest client is a suicidal teen.
MASSIVELY shifted in just one call. Still have 6 months with him.
Younger humans are FAR more easily shifted than adults whose patterns have been more and more deeply entrenched for decades. Much easier to uproot the pattern in youths.

His mom is flattened by the amount of success in just one call, while the dad says “Merely addressing the issue and making him feel heard has helped so much already, as you haven’t even had time to deal with him.” He’s walled off, claims to be the “same thing I am,” and “read much of the same stuff,” etc, etc.
Dad is SO walled off. IDGAF what you’ve read, if you have intellectualized and not taken it into your heart, you’ve just gained more consciousness, and often times frustrated yourself even more…Lots of times people feel they have tried everythign," and they get frustrated that nothing works.

I could make this into a huge post.
Bottom line - it is muuuuuuuch easier to get to people this age. The PARENTS are the biggest challenge. It doesn’t matter how much they care, they don’t know what to do. I can look at this kid’s father for 10 seconds (literally), and see by the energy he carries himself with that DAD is the biggest challenge in his life. The kid loves his dad, looks up to him, but when dad comes across as a stand-offish prick, whose ego is unwilling to give credit anywhere, and has control patterns everywhere…the son will pick that up.

Kid doesn’t want to talk about anything because he “doesn’t want ppl to see him differently,” (basically fear of judgement)…juuuuuuuust…liiiiiike…dad.
80% of kids have the same sex parent as their primary role model, if both parents are around.

The parents and the system are creating this. It’s true that when boys get into a fight, they send them to a school counselor. Ridiculous. I think martial arts in gym class would help more than anything.
Programs like mine.
Helping them feel “normal” so they can feel safe.
When people don’t feel safe they hide, either through shutting down, lying (people lie when the truth isn’t good enough), putting up a front (another form of lie), etc.
The truth and authenticity bring us CLOSER. The very thing we fear is what causes others to relate, to empathize, to connect, and to love each other.

If youngsters didn’t get programmed to feel the opposite of that, the issues would be reduced by AT LEAST 95%.


There is classroom video of a group of 20+ kids, barricaded in. The door knocks and its the shooter prick trying to get them to open the door by saying he is the police, cmon out !

Kids didn’t fall for it, got the hell out through a courtyard door and to next wing where SRO was.

Fuck that kid. I don’t want to hear any sob sister stories after that. Straight to the chair, do not pass go, do not collect media attention.

There is Evil in this world and if you let up on it, it grows stronger and spreads. I thought that lesson would be incredibly clear the way this society has been trending the last 15 years.


Sorry, can’t get behind this, like at all! The “poor shooter” is a mis-wired freak that society today coddles and nurses.

I better stop before the thread gets locked.

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It’s really a sad situation and I feel very bad for those families and fear for my own. With one child still in school it makes you want to home school you kids.

My sympathies go out to those families in thier time of need.

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