Tragedy In Oxford

There are a number of grieving parents and grandparents that can really use our prayers right now, along with some kids clinging to life and some kids who have no idea what in actual hell they just went through.

:pray: :pray: :pray:

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Sorry, didnt want to come off as a apologist. The kid is guilt and gets what he deserves. I reread my post and it was missing some points. Why would parents buy this kid a gun?

My point was after the fact some of these kids dont really realize what they did. They have to live with their actions and hold accountable.

But we need to look at what is causing these kids to snap. That was what i was getting at in my post. So that we can put a stop to these shootings.


I’m not going to dive into this stuff too deep, but the same stuff is said every shooting.


I just want to say that this thread is going to be difficult to keep open. It’s on the boarder now.

If it gets to insensitive, political or outside a healthy conversation it will have to be closed.

Just remember there are local families that many on here know who are suffering from this tragedy.

It’s a sad situation and our sympathies need to be on the family and the victims of this awful tragedy.

Let’s try and keep that relevant and be respectful.



Unfortunately a 4th has died a 17 year old boy.

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Just sad about this and its causes. Teenage kid’s brains are not that well developed emotionally to handle today’s stresses of social media. I went to a tough school in Muskegon (Go Red!), but back then it was just an occasional “altercation”, usually physical, that I always was the brunt of the rub (nerdy kid back then, now much cooler;) ). I just shrugged it off but then but I couldn’t do much about it other than take boxing lessons. Now it’s so easy to escalate things quickly with the easy access to lethal means sitting around the house. I don’t have kids but if so, I would make sure weapons were well secured and out of their reach unless supervised (and I do own a couple weapons, not a anti-gun rant) but a safety rant.


Now its hit home…Justin Shilling, age 17. The Shilling family are my neighbors. Just got home from the Oxford Tap, where have a couple of beers with the locals helps. Everyone is stillwalking around like zombies. It feels like a damn movie…


So it appears the parents just bought the gun and gave it to the kid. (there is a video of the dad and sun posing with his new weapon)

Also read that some students knew before hand that there was a chance this kid was bringing a gun to school that day, and they stayed home.

If I’m police, I’m having some lengthy conversations with the gun purchasing parents, and also every kid that proactively stayed home from school that day.

If that’s the case, everyone should have been made aware … one way or the other.


My son has talked to many of his friends, saying there’s some scary shit on social media. Sure it will all come out in the coming weeks. The trial is set for Dec. 13th, from what I’ve read.

More twisted shit…


The Arraignment

I’m a teacher and work in a middle/high school that emphasizes mental health awareness and help–I’m even involved in an extracurricular program related to the topic–and I’ve got to say something here:

I see so much blame (even in this thread) being put on kids and social media, conflict resolution, etc., but the VAST majority of mental health problems in students I deal with are caused by piss-poor parenting. Parents that won’t talk to their kids. Parents that encourage their kids to bottle up their feelings. Parents that don’t teach their kids HOW to deal with problems. Parents that encourage kids to fight others. Parents that work so damn much they don’t even see their kids. Parents whose relationship is so f-ing screwed up that the kids take the brunt of it. Parents that don’t teach kids the value of life–both theirs and others. They’re messing up these kids, and when confronted, most of them don’t give a damn.

I hate that my career has become intertwined with these horrible events, and to make things worse, it feels like society is so used to it that it has become numb to most of it. That’s a horrible place to be.


I’m so sorry… take care of yourself and others as best you can… continued thoughts and prayers to all of you

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Good post but somewhat disagree. Being a layman here, we have always had shitty parenting. And bullying was done in the halls, parking lot, etc… to a crowd of maybe a dozen or less. On social media, its presented to the world.

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I deal with bullying issues–in-person and cyber. It’s not a good thing–ever. I know its effects, and schools need to take stronger stances with stronger punishments against it.

But I’ve been teaching and dealing with this for almost 2 decades now, and there is a noticeable increase in the type of parents I described over that time period. Yes, bad parenting has always existed, but the percentage is growing tremendously.


Bad parenting yes

And no spiritual direction…. All of humanity needs to go thru AA, NA or CR 12 step recovery program…

All the programs state the same thing: the underlying problem is spiritual…. Fix the heart and you fix the thoughts and that determines the action we do

My sister is married into the shilling family.


I believe Justin was the captain of the school bowling team. The other boy was a LB for the football team. Wonder if he was targeting jocks.

EDIT: Also read that the 14 year old girl was a volleyball player.

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Y E S!!!




Thanks for that. I talked to this home owner for a good hour this morning. She apologized over and over for holding us up and venting to us. I finally told her, you don’t have to apologize. I gave her a hug and told her we are all in this together. We are all parents and have family, we are people. If this can happen here it can happen anywhere.


I have to say, the first responders handled this situation about as well as they could. They arrived on the scene and with in 3 minutes they had this kid in custody. Obviously they are sick about 4 people losing their lives but it’s impossible for them to prevent that. Now they are focused on getting justice for the families that lost a child and a community that has been rocked to the core. I really hope they charge the parents in this debacle. The more facts that come out they just seem like shit bags.